Creating Positive Outcomes Essay

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Creating Positive Outcomes

Owing to the great variety found among human beings, life is characterized by additions of quite different sorts. Considering non-drug types of addictions, many kinds exist in the contemporary world. For example, one could be addicted to watching certain TV programs, reading or watching pornographic material, watching football, eating certain foodstuffs such as chocolate or French fries, or even having sex . On the other hand, people may get addicted to drug-related substances, for instance cigarettes or alcohol (Thagard Student Health Promotion).

Addiction to drug-related substances emanates from a great array of factors. Usually, such addiction develops and is sustained by close association with peers. This is because one’s peers sometimes offer the addict the substances they are addicted to, and thus sustain the addition habit. Moreover, in order to conform, the addict usually engages in the addiction act when in the company of their friends. Peers are again shown to be fueling the addition. Conversely, a withdrawal of the addiction substance usually results in unpleasant feelings in the addict’s body.

For example, they may experience headaches, drowsiness, or even general disorientation. Addiction to drug-like substances can be effectively managed when caution and consistency is observed. To begin with, the addict can start to gradually dissociate with their peers who contribute to fuelling the addiction. Moreover, addicts can gradually start to reduce the dosage of the addiction substance that they normally take. Conversely, addicted persons can begin to be involved in beneficial events that distract them from indulging in the addiction.

In conclusion, the world is filled with many cases of addiction – both drug-related as well as non-drug-related. Both types of addiction are dangerous. Drug-related addition is however more lethal since it is associated with harmful health issues. There are however effective ways of combating addiction to drugs. For instance, addicts can slowly reduce the daily dosage of drugs besides gradually dissociating with peers who fuel the addition. References Thagard Student Health Promotion. Types of Addiction. Retrieved July 11, 2010, from http://www. tshc. fsu. edu/he/alcohol_drugs/types_addiction. htm

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