Creating Clones

Creating clones or not has been big topic ever since researchers figure out they could do it. Cloning is process of producing identical copies of living things from organs. Since technology is expanding so fast I would not be surprised if researchers started creating clones and let them out in world like normal human being. The idea of creating cloning started from creating artificial organs for humans who were not born with it or had lost their organs by accident. Because researchers has been successful to create clones for animals, people are debating on whether we should support in favor to create human clones, or we should stop the idea and focus on something else.

I think we should create clones because it will expand our knowledge in human body. Knowing more about human body will help scientist to create medicines for those who needs them. We cannot lose more lives because of not knowing how our body system works. Restricting in any medical research will cost hundred of lives and we don’t want that in today’s world.

Creating clones of human body also gives relief to those who have lost their love ones. But before creating clones we have to decide whether we have to give them human rights or they will classified as something else. Back in time lots of individuals disagree with the idea of exploring space because they were scared that it will cost lots of money and hurt our economy. But the outcome gives us more knowledge about the outer space that we did not know before.

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Even tho creating clones is a great idea for this technology advanced world but giving them rights as human being will not be fair. We individuals have our unique ideas and unique looks and if we have someone that look like us and if they are provided with same right as us we will lost our individuality. We individual human beings are born through reproductive system and clones are not. Clones are created differently we can make them stronger and weaker however we want. They never went to same process as us when entering the world, which means someone has to teach them the way to life. Giving them rights and classifying them as human being means giving them your name, identify them as you because they look like you. If we give them human right they will do anything to take their place as only one. Like in the movie “The Island” Lincoln’s clone killed his own real body to take his place. If everyone who were release at the end of the movie started doing the same thing their will be no humans beings left. We should only create clones if they will be classified as property not human being. Some people are saying their will be war between humans and clones because we are not giving them human right just because of the way the are born. But the truth is if we don’t give them place to take over their will be no war.

Weather we should give these clones human rights, or they should be classified as something else should be decided by state government. Because it’s a big topic, state government should be the one to decide what to do with it, each state have their own rule and their own way of system. Federal government should acknowledge the issue but not question whether the clones have human right or not. Since the beginning of time state government has been creating their own rules and law based on federal constitution and it is been working on the favor of citizens. State legislatures should decide the questions of clones’ humanity and their rights, because state legislature plays a big role in citizens life. If responsibility of states budget and taxes are managed by state legislature then clones right to claim if they are human or not should be decided by state legislature. Because if clones are classified as human then the responsibility of them goes to state legislature like finding jobs for them and finding house for them.

I think creating clones will be great resources to used in medical field. For example to try new medicines or to try new equipment, but bringing them out as a citizens will only cause damage for individuals citizens life and government economy.

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