Creating a Storyboard Essay

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Creating a Storyboard


Your assignment is to work collaboratively to transform a section of a printed text into a storyboard. You will also include a written explanation of the intended effects of your cinematic choices.



1. Revisit a short story from this unit that you could imagine as a film. As a group, select a small passage to transform into a storyboard of at least 20 shots. You will not be able to capture the entire story in your storyboard; choose a compelling section that contains many visual elements.

2. As director, decide how you would like to show your version of this text and the effect you want it to have on your audience. Present your ideas to your group, and reach a consensus about your focus.


3. Brainstorm a sequence of shots. Consider framing, camera movement, lighting, sound, and editing in each shot. Use sticky notes to sketch out or describe each shot on the Storyboard Graphic Organizer. Be sure to consider the effect you are trying to create with each shot and the words or phrases that communicate your vision. Share this draft within your small group. Even if you plan photographs for your final draft, you should sketch what your photos will look like for this first draft. Decide how to share the responsibilities of producing each element of the storyboard. Create a draft.


4. As a group, share your ideas with another group. Solicit feedback on

• Clear sequence of ideas

• Effective use of cinematic techniques in relation to the story

• Accurate identification and application of cinematic techniques

Use the notes generated during the peer group discussion, and revise your storyboard. Add an explanation of the intended effect of your choices. Be specific in terms of your framing, lighting, sound, and other choices, and be sure that your effect is consistent with your cinematic choices. Support your explanation with textual evidence from the short story.

Revising and Editing for Publication

5. Prepare your final draft. Choose a presentation method, such as mounting your frames onto poster board or creating a slide show. Label each frame with all the information required (shot type, angle, lighting, and sound), including intended effect of each shot.

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