Creating a Credible Culture Essay

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Creating a Credible Culture

Nowadays if organization is willing to be successful and to respond quickly to changing demands, it should paid thorough attention to organizational cultures. Smart leaders and executives realize that greediness isn’t a bet of wealth and success as well as outward appearance of success shouldn’t be the substitute of achievement. Suzanne Bates claims that “when we allow spin to be used as a synonym of deception and when cutting ethical concern can pass for courage, leading the old-fashioned way somehow seems dreadfully dull”.

(Bates 2003) Good name and respect of organization are rather vulnerable and, thus, organizational culture is of great importance. The most important thing for organization is the creating of atmosphere of trust. Place being respected for honesty and integrity is associated with good and skillful people working in it. (Bates 2003) Building credibility stars from the top and must be nurtured and cultivated constantly to achieve the desired outcomes. The first rule is to modify the behavior that will be promoted in future.

If a company wants to perform honestly, it has to practice it from the very start. Therefore, employees should be thanked for honest feedbacks, even if feedback is a criticism. Bates recommends starting from building ethical culture, because leader always face ethical dilemmas and should be skillful enough to cope with competitive pressure. Actions should on the first place and only then words. For example, it is possible to set guiding rules for serving as ethical compass. The next moment is to lead by personal example and to improve communication process.

(Bates 2003) Success is associated with honesty and sincerity. Organizational leaders spend lots of resources to maintain the outward appearance of success, though they lack the core principles of culture: honesty, openness, credibility and trustful policies. As Bates says, “a credible culture can be a magnet that draws people and talent to your organization”. (Bates 2003) Therefore, developing and motivating credible culture is a path to success. References Bates, Suzanne. (2003). Creating a Credible Culture. Nurse Leader, January-February, 37-38.

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