Creating Essay Topics

What matters most to you, and why

Creating is what matters most to me: developing new ideas, moving a network to reach a goal, and implementing and supporting them for the long term. The search for happiness has always been my main objective, while pursuing entrepreneurial projects has been my principal activity, and at the same time satisfies me. All throughout my… View Article

Creating Ads

For an outdoor billboard, an image of a big white bowl will be used. The bowl will be held by a muscleman, but the image of the bowl will be bigger than the man. The big bowl will have Wheaties cereal in it as well as a splash of milk. On the background will be… View Article

Creating and applyign prototypes

Knowledge prototypes are like the framework of a house, there is enough detail to identify a certain object or event but there is also room to integrate new information or knowledge (Bargh, Chen & Burrows, 1996). For example a mental prototype of a priest is someone who is male, wears a habit or vestment and… View Article

Creating My Own School

The benefits of education on the individual person no doubt extend beyond economic effects. Jeremy Behrman and Nevzer Stacey cited that the effects of education “spread beyond direct economic effects (1). ” As such is the case Behrman and Nevser adds, benefits “include a better way of taking care of ourselves and consequently creating a… View Article

Creating Computer-based Learning

Computer-based learning, or e-learning, refers to online or offline learning through the means of computers. It can be offline through the means of CDs or it can be online wherein the student accesses an online web-based training module to acquire learning. Computer-based learning provides various advantages as compared to classroom learning. It provides flexibility to… View Article

Creating Sustainable Workplace

Thinking more broadly about sustainability (see above), reflect on your personal life. How sustainable is your life style? What can you do to make it more sustainable? Write your responses to these questions. Based on the aforementioned definitions and descriptions of sustainability, it is important to put emphasis personal sustainability for it is the aspect… View Article

Creating TV Drama

“The Public Defenders” – We all know about the lives of top-league lawyers who rake in millions of dollars settling class action suits or representing celebrity clients. We all also realize, somewhere back in our minds that for every high-priced lawyer who’s working to spin celebrity “Q-ratings” and turn high-profile crimes into high-tax bracket success,… View Article