Create Jobs, Don’t Protect Them Essay

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Create Jobs, Don’t Protect Them

The fact that some jobs that have flourished in the States in the past are now gone is the harsh reality that Americans have to face and accept. Thus, the article “Create Jobs, Don’t Protect Them” argues that protecting the ones that are left is not the way to go, but rather, creating new ones would be best. Offshoring jobs is the problem; the once mighty General Motors (GM) now off-shores jobs. The first industry that off-shored jobs was manufacturing, followed by service industries like call centers.

Today, even jobs that require higher training are being sent abroad. Ross Perot predicted this would happen in his 1992 presidential campaign. With the increasing unemployment rate, politicians are now pushing for legislation to restrict the offshoring of jobs. Although there are certain jobs that have to be protected, such as in GM’s case where offshoring jobs is a must because more jobs would be lost if they do not, protectionism should not be the general mentality.

The solution lies with the combined efforts of job creation, high-standards of quality, and new policies that encourage critical skills to remain in the US. Solution comes with acceptance that some jobs would never return—the cost of skilled services abroad is much more affordable than in the US, about a third of the cost on shore. Jobs can be created with the right industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

The movement of the primary research of Novartis to the US suggests that the country has a lot of potential in the pharmaceutical industry. However, a country cannot survive on prescription drugs alone; producing products of the highest quality could possibly trigger an effect to create more jobs. Policies, on the other hand, should be implemented to keep skilled people on shore, such as some policies that send skilled foreign students back to their homes after they have finished their studies. Study Questions 1.

What other probable solutions can you think of aside from job creation, quality goods, and policies to keep jobs onshore? 2. If you were the owner of a big company, what would you do if you are faced with the same situation of the other owners that have off-shored their business? Give your reasons. 3. Is there really a future for the pharmaceutical industry and will it flourish in the US? Provide some information to prove your position. Reference Champy, J. (2003). Create Jobs Don’t Protect Them. Fast Company. Issue 75. p. 129.

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