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Create a spreadsheet Essay

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Introduction For the last 6 years I have been driving karts in the national championship, I have moved up through the junior ranks and am now into my last year of junior karting at the highest level of 100cc J. I. C. A. racing before moving into the senior karting classes next year. I have noticed that although the results for each race are recorded off transponders, arranging them into points and championship order can be very slow and in accurate. I plan to create a spreadsheet, which quick and easily adds up the points into a table just by typing the finishing positions into one of the sheets.

The system will automatically change the scores for points and place them into a table with points order. I will be able to broadcast this onto the Internet with a site I shall create. I will then ask people who want the scores to each event to sign up, they will then be added to a mailing list and will have the results posted to them each time they are amended.

I could also use this site to advertise for some sponsors. If enough people where to visit I think it would be worth wile the sponsors advertising on my site.


For me to be able to analyse each task successfully I will have to read the booklet carefully deciding what the tasks are, that I need to analyse and how many of the tasks there are. There of course many small problems which go together to make the big problem these problems are as follows. 1. System to create a drivers championship 2. use a database to create a mailing list 3. A4 sheet to display the championship table Problems This sheet shows an explanation of all the problems, I will demonstrate what exactly it is that I plan to do in a short account for all three

Task1 System to create a drivers championship Problem I must create a championship table using a computer program that I have at my disposal. The reason for my doing this is that over the past few years of karting that I have been involved, the organisation of karting has improved with the introduction of computers, but still the scouring is done in an insufficient way were as the scores are taken down by hand and then just simply typed out on the computer. My aim is to create a system to score a championship simply by typing in the finishing position of each driver.

The number of points for each finishing position will already be stored in the computer and just by typing in the finishing position, the computer will work out which driver has how many points and the computer wil then sort the scores out into the order of the highest scoring person first in the table. Task2 Database mailing list Problem For my second task I will create a mailing list of all the drivers taking part in each championship, after each round in the race calendar I will send the amended results to each of the people involved in that particular race.

I will have to use filters to decide and make sure that I send he right table to the right driver at the right time. With there being over 200 drivers involved in each championship, sorting the correct table and sending it to the correct drivers may be quite a complicated task to do. Task3 Desk top publishing Problem As my final task I shall use a desktop publishing program to create a distinctive piece of paper which displays the championship table, which I will have already created, so that it is easy to read and stands out. I will then use my database mailing list to send out the right number of copies required to each driver.

Analysis Task1 System to create a drivers championship For me to be able to complete this task I first must analyse the points that will need to be output and the points that will need to be input. Information to output  Various A4 sheets for each class showing the championship in the order of points: this should contain the number of drivers in each class, the drivers race numbers, the points they have scored at each round and the total number of points scored by each driver.  The round at which the points where scored: this will have to be shown on the sheet to show after which round of the championship the points were in that order.

Points for places: the points that are available for each finishing position. These will have to be somewhere on the table so that the points can be checked against that of the table. Information to input  When I am creating this scoring system I will have to input the necessary points that are scored for each finishing position.  I will have to add in the drivers names so that I can just add the finishing positions along side them.  My second input will be formula’s this is because the computer will have to workout from the points, who has scored what.

I will also have to add any other inputs that are needed for me to be able to get the necessary outputs Judgement of completing the task  I will know when I have completed the task because by inputting the drivers finishing positions the computer should workout the total points each driver has scored.  This task will be complete when all testing has been finished and scoring system is accurate giving the correct points of each driver Testing For this task I will have to test whether or not my system and formula’s work to give an accurate score for each driver.

To test my system I will type in different finishing positions, which I know the total to. If the final score is different to what it should be I will know there is something wrong. I will then have to check I have typed in all the formulae correct and the points for positions are also correct. After completing this testing I will have completed the task so that it works correctly giving the right answers. Analysis Task2 Database for mailing list This problem also means that I will need to create a system for informing the drivers who are competing in the championship what the point’s standings are after each round.

When implementing this task I want the computer to show which driver’s race in which categories, this is so I don’t send the wrong table to the wrong driver. Information to output I will create a database using various fields for which I can have the necessary information, on addresses and the types of class each person races in. to do this I must first decide what information I need to get out of the computer and then following that. The information that I will need to put in, to get the out puts.

Shows all the driver’s name’s: I want the computer to show all the drivers names in the database, along with their details.  Filters: there must be filters in use for this database to function properly, this is because I require the ability to send different sets of results out on different days. For example one category of karts may have not raced at a certain round and so it is not necessary for me to send them a copy of their championship table.


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