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Crash the Movie and Racial Stereotyping

This film was released to illustrate the reality or the outcomes of racial prejudice in the society. The story took place in the bustling city of Los Angeles. The major theme of this movie is about the result of racial stereotyping in the society particularly in America. Ever since people know that there is a gap or tension that exists between Whites and Blacks. Additional to these, there are also racial issues between other races like Hispanics and Asians.

Racial or ethnic stereotyping in the society at first seemed to be all about the White supremacy but actually it is more about the human diversity.

When people talk about diversity it goes beyond the color of skin since it cover also sexuality or gender, age, cultural orientation, religious beliefs and even economic status. The movie depicts what is like to be stereotyped or typecast in the society and how much the Whites have been more oppressive or dominant with their Black counterparts.

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Although the film is based on real stories of people there are parts which are just fictional.

Portrayals in the story showing this racial issues included the string of events like the first one which was the carjacking incident by two blacks with the main characters, making false testimony against a white cop, treating Mexican-Americans and other Hispanics, the white police officer’s troubles with the black receptionists and transferring the anger later to the black couple and also a gun shop owner that suspected a man of terrorism because he don’t speak well in English and is a middle eastern man.

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The story is not only about this African American carjacker but rather more to the crash of races. The social landscape of America has become more diverse as different races and cultures continue to increase. Though it is a racist movie, it both showed how everyone had been liable for discrimination and bias toward their fellows belonging to a different race. It shows that this phenomenon is common but a challenging topic to resolve and deal with. Psychology and Popular Media

At present popular media serves as a very powerful tool to communicate messages and expose the truth about the society. People can see themselves and relate to the characters of the story. There are times that movies touch sensitive issues or tries to promote something for advocating or promoting a certain cause. This movie had won the Best Oscar awards in the year 2005 because of its relevant social-political content. The movie has been a successful attempt to expose the painful truth about racial stereotyping and how damaging it is to human relationships.

It is an every day issue faced by many. It shows how the modern society keeps on struggling to these old and continuous cycle or pattern of violence brought by racism. Although at present there is a large improvement in relationship and policy with Blacks and other minorities. There are considerable improvements and gradually the society seems to adjust and have wider understanding, tolerance and acceptance of other races. But then what the movie has conveyed to the audience is that racial prejudice cannot be resolved.

Has it been fair? Maybe it depends upon the person how we understands the whole picture the movie tried to express. Popular media can condition the minds of the viewers. It conditions us to think and feel things as the director or the producer wants to. It doesn’t really mean that what we see is always true and what others believe as portrayed in the movie is always right. We should still give people the freedom to reject or accept the ideas being presented. What can the viewers notice in this film?

They can see the natural reactions of people towards other races. They can see the level of their emotions and mentality. One can observe that humans become manipulative and diversionary in their reactions and treatment of other race. People can see how they become judgmental and critical of others. Does it mean that people should constantly live in fear and suspicion? Does it mean we cannot tolerate differences? These are just some of the many questions that one can find in this movie. References

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