Crash: Stereotype and Black Men Essay

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Crash: Stereotype and Black Men

During the movie crash, an individual will notice many different conflicts to occur. Unfortunately not all were solved in a proper manner or at all. This was a good assignment choice because it shows scenarios of many peoples everyday lives unfortunately. During the movie the character that Sandra Bullock played named Jean Cabot demonstrated many times her prejudice views towards minorities. It is unknown when her stereotypes of minorities became a part of her life. In the earlier part of the movie, Cabot is showed walking down a well-lit street with her husband next to her. Cabot appears to be in a great mood and she then spots two black men walking down the street. Not knowing where they came from or what they were up to, she interlocks her arm with her husband. Of course these two men themselves were just speaking about how society is so racist and in their eyes, this woman did nothing but confirm this.

In order to teach Cabot a lesson, the men watch her and her husband enter their car and decided to car jack them. Once Cabot and her husband make it home, they show a clip of a minority man changing their locks and a team of people attempting damage control because of the carjacking. Cabot speaks to her husband quietly asking him to have the locks re changed in the morning. His response is not what she was looking for and she proceeds to blow up at him. Cabot explains to him that she feels the Mexican changing the locks is a gang banger with jail tattoos and she thinks he will leave their house and sell the keys to his amigos. Cabot also mentions that she had a gun pointed at her face about 20 minutes ago and it is her fault because she knew it was going to happen. She feels that if she had of taken off the opposite way, society would have viewed her as a racist so she did not follow her first instinct when she was frightened by the two black men.

In this movie, the interpersonal relationship between Cabot and all minorities is very present. Like stated earlier it is unknown when Cabot’s stereotypes of minorities causing violence and robbery began. Usually a person who is racist or stereotypes a certain person has had a negative experience to make them think that all similar people will have similar actions. Usually when an individual has such negative views about another but different group of people there is not much that can be done or changed. In many cases people are raised to dislike other groups when they are racist in adult life. Cabot would have to experience minorities in a good light in order to not have such frightening thoughts of them. Also Cabot will need to realize that even though she was carjacked by two black men, there have been plenty of times white men have carjacked people as well.

The way Cabot’s character is portrayed, it appears that she is very naïve and does not think about the crimes that people in her own community commit. It is important to “Make sure you are using language that is formal or informal, as the situation requires, and language that is not biased or unethical.” (Saul 2011) Cabot did not realize that the two men noticed her uncomfortable change and this also made them uncomfortable. Today there are still many out there who stereotype people because of their race or background and many who are still racist. This movie shows a good example of what people go through on an everyday basis but what is never actually talked about. In conclusion, the interpersonal conflicts in the movie Crash are aimed to treat ethnic and racial differences.

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