The Crash - Creative Writing

I pulled the last body out of the twisted, crumpled wreckage. There were six of us in all myself the only one conscious. I knew they would probably all be dead, but it felt instinctive to help them. They lay there; all of them in a line beside each other on the warm jungle floor . I sat down beside my friends, as I felt helpless in this maze of trees and greenery. Alone. It must have been hours until I was woken up by a gentle voice, “Andy? Andy wake up.

” My raw, red eyes slowly opened to see Julie “Where are we Andy? ” was all she could manage.

As I stood up I noticed the other bodies were still there. They’re all dead! ” I think is what she mumbled, the last word turning into tears. I looked up, to see a giant green umbrella, which let the light shine down on them, Kate, Jill and Sean. They looked so peaceful but were barely recognisable as they had blood splattered all over their faces.

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I was scared then. I felt a shiver up my back and I suddenly felt sick; I broke into a cold chilling sweat. However, I knew within myself for Julie’s sake I had to pull myself together and take control of this awful situation.

I had a great pain in my neck from when I had jumped from the plane hough I could see that Julie’s injuries were worse. She whimpered to me that she thought she had broken her arm and I could see from the pink rectangle on her forehead that she had hit her head off something when the plane crashed.

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Julie was still in immense shock by then and it was all made worse by the physical pain she was going through. Though it felt immensely disrespectful, I knew Julie required a support or a makeshift sling, so I ripped off Sean’s bloodstained shirt and made it into a sling for her to wear. I knew that we were going to have to find help soon if we are going to survive for much longer. Read about the significance of the jungle

I decided to leave the crash site and go in search of help, though deep down I knew that it was it was very unlikely that we’d find any help. We limped along together through the maze of green, her arm around my neck and mine around hers. I kept talking to Julie, firstly to try to calm her down a bit and secondly to stop her from fainting We walked aimlessly around for and hour, maybe two, I wasn’t sure as time had no significance to us as we were like two tiny fish in a giant ocean. It was approaching dusk now as I heard the crickets rattle and I elt the midges my hair. Julie was very tired and I knew she needed to rest, though I didn’t know where we could sleep in this vast emerald city.

The sky slowly grew pale and the sun slowly disappeared, Julie, and I found a small flat clearing among the trees, where we decided to sleep. We were hungry and tired. Julie’s arm, I suspected was getting worse and again I felt helpless. It wasn’t cold that night so we lay up against a rotten log and rested. I knew that if we didn’t find water the next day we might not survive. This horrific thought repeated through my mind continuously ntil I fell into an uneasy sleep.

I hadn’t slept for very long before I woke up in a cold sweat. My sore eyes opened quickly and I stared up into the sky trying to make sense of what had happened, more importantly how I was going to sort it out. I knew that we were going to have to find some more, extra strength from within ourselves to get through this alive. I thought a lot; about how this would inevitably change our lives forever and how we might be able to tell our grandchildren about our “exciting” experience or else telling our friends in heaven about our very own horrific death.

As I looked down at Julie’s relaxed face, such a contrast from what it had been like earlier in the day, I knew that we had to make it through. I fell asleep once more. The next morning I was woken by the sound of a distant helicopter. I quickly shook Julie to wake up and she too heard the faint sound of a helicopter. We listened attentively for minutes, until we realized that the sound was getting louder and louder. Finally, we caught a glimpse of the huge, grey helicopter. We leaped up in the air waving our arms frantically praying that the people onboard could see us.

It assed over us and we thought our chance of survival was gone but it must have turned around as we again heard it approaching. We once again jumped around frantically in a state of pure urgency, and this time we were spotted from above. The helicopter lowered down a “saviour” rope to us and we strapped ourselves on. We arrived home to our base in Moni?? where the five of us had taken off from, on our weekly research trip to the far side of the great jungle. That trip was my last for the American archaeologist research society because life was too short and jungle risks too great,

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The Crash - Creative Writing

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