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The gilded age gets the name from a book written by charlie dudler warner and
Mark twain

The book the gilded age was centered on what of the time period

What political body did twain hate

What does green say was one of the greatest political inventions
Urban political machine

The most famous political machine was Tammany hall in what city
New York

What was the biggest corrupt politician
William boss tweed

How much did tweeds courthouse cost
13 millipn

In exchange for the help the machine wanted what
And to stay in power

When voter fraud was not enough many political machines chose to use what two methods

What political party was accused of taking bribes
Us congress
Executive branch

What was the second great scandal of time
Whiskey ring

Which one term president was assasinated

What party was against tarrifds

The Sherman anti trust act was designed to break up monopolies but instead was usually used against what types of organization s
Labor unions

Some of the labor reforms limited the work to how long
8 hours

What were the laws of south
Jim Crow laws

What issue got farmers of the west politically active
Freight rates grange movement

What movement started by farmers was called what before farmers alliance
Grange movement

What was the biggest thing to come out of farmers alliance
Raise prices
Sub treasury plan

The political party that rises from this is populists that mean what
Sub treasury plan
Govt ownership of tail roads
Govt control of currency

What were the 2 great classes that the populists wanted to reach
Minors industrial workers

Wyoming was so populist what group was given the right to vote

What does green say ruins everything hint
Thread of silver

What populist candidate was able to earn 1 million
James weaver

The coinage of what was believed to make farmers lives better by allowing them to pay off their debts and earn more money
Free coinage of silver

William Jennings Bryan lost the election to whom
William mckinley

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