Crafting the Employee Experience: How to Improve Work Culture at Your Office

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Ever wondered, what makes an organization unique? How to retain employees?

Well, the answer to this and most of the questions is an organization's work culture.

It is the work culture which defines the character and personality of an organization. We can say that it is the sum total of values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behavior, communication and attitude of employees.

Today, to foster a collaborative work culture is not optional, it is as important as deciding organization's vision and mission.

Great work culture attracts talent, drives engagement and retention, impacts employees’ satisfaction and affects the overall performance of an organization.


What's right, what’s wrong?

To say that what works well for one organization will also work for another is not the right call.  Every organization has its own set of vision, mission and values. And these are the foundational elements on which organization's culture or its work culture is laid on.  To build a strong workplace culture many factors come into play such as its Leadership, Management, Policies & Processes, Mission & Vision, Values, Communication, Job Satisfaction, and others.

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A strong work culture stands to offer benefits galore such as high employee retention rates, increased satisfaction levels etc. Businesses that acknowledge work culture's importance, know that the key factor is to invest in their people. Keeping your employees satisfied and motivated is not only the right way to run a business but is also a step towards achieving your business goals faster.

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The not so obvious

Organizations have been trying to foster a good culture for quite some time but it takes a lot to actually implement and set things into practice. The current trend of upcoming start-ups and individuals turning to small scale businesses has drastically changed work culture across IT firms in the last two decades. Some of the noticeable changes what IT industry is experiencing are:

Leadership: Gone are the days when your boss used to hand hold and tell you in what way to work. Today, everyone is committed to achieving organizational goals and want to work their way out.

Each and every Idea counts:  There are ‘n’ numbers of ways to achieve a result but creativity is what counts in this competitive sector. Every employee in an organization or a team has a say and the key is to listen and share ideas across organization.

Communication: Companies need to ensure that they offer a collaborative environment. Lack of communication results in disgruntled employees. So it's vital to ensure complete transparency throughout from senior management to lower levels.

Ongoing Development: There is constant investment for employees’ development. Internal trainings, external trainings, higher education, etc. are some of the ways in which organizations can cater to the developmental needs of an individual.

Extra Activities: To maintain the work balance, organizations need to inculcate extra-curricular activities as part of their culture. Sports, social activities, musical bands, etc. are some of the ways that help employees relax…

Employee Needs: Gone are the days when salary alone was the deciding factor for an employee. An individual looks for much more these days. Flexible working hours, transport, work from home are some of the benefits what individuals are looking out for.

Friendly environment:  With Gen Y and Gen Z entering into corporates, the boss and subordinate relation cease to exist. Every individual irrespective of their teams or groups know each other at a personal level which further strengthens the bond between them.

Reward & Recognition: Small, regular perks make a huge difference as they motivate employees. Dress down days or early finishes are good ways to keep employees motivated. Providing incentives like lunch/spa/sports vouchers are an added bonus that encourages employees.

Work culture has evolved across businesses and with changing trends will continually evolve. Each and every organization across the industry is making investments to engage and retain their talent.

It's time to build the right work culture and craft an enriching experience for your employees.



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Crafting the Employee Experience: How to Improve Work Culture at Your Office
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