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CPT Coding

Write a 250- to 350-word response in which you assume you are a medical office manager who wants to make the coding process easier for employees to understand. To facilitate a better understanding of this process, respond to the following: Come up with buzzwords or slogans that would best describe the three CPT code categories. What types of procedures or services are included in each of the CPT code categories? Provide one example for each category in your description

There are three different CPT category codes. There are category I codes, category II codes, and category III codes. Category I codes can also be known as the main codes to be used. These codes can be used by all physicians, even though they are grouped into different sections. For example, the section for Surgery codes can be used by all different physicians. An example of a code from category I is 00730 which is used for anesthesia for procedures on upper posterior abdominal wall. Category II codes can also be known as goal codes. These codes are used to track performance measures for a medical goal. An example of a code used from category II is 4000F which is for tobacco use cessation intervention, counseling. Last, there are Category III codes. These can be referred to as temp codes. Category III codes are used temporarily for emerging technology and procedures. They may become a permanent part of the regular Category I codes if it proves effective. An example of a code from category III is 0182T which is a high dose rate electronic brachytherapy, per fraction.

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