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THE OXFORD COLLEGE OF SCIENCE (Affiliated to Bangalore University) BANGALORE – 560102 DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & APPLICATIONS CERTIFICATE The forgoing software entitled “Car Showroom Management System” is presented in manner satisfactory to warrant its acceptance prerequisite to the award of Bachelor of Computer Applications degree, for which it has been submitted.

It is understood by this approval that the undersigned do not endorse or approve any statements made, opinion expressed or conclusion shown therein but approve the software for the purpose it has been submitted. Signature of faculty in charge Signature of Head of the Department Mrs. Vinita Tapaskar, MCA Dr. J Sebastian Nixon PHD, MCSE Name of ExaminerSignature of Examiner 1. 2: Acknowledgment We are extremely grateful and remain indebted to Mrs. Vinita Tapaskar (Project Coordinator) for being a source of inspiration and for her constant support in the Design, Implementation and Evaluation of the project.

We are thankful to her for her constant constructive criticism and invaluable suggestions, which benefited us a lot while developing the project on “CAR SHOWROOM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”.

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She has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation for hard work. She has been very cooperative throughout this project work. Through this column, it would be our utmost pleasure to express our warm thanks to her for her encouragement, cooperation and consent without which we might not be able to accomplish this project.

She has given us constructive suggestions and encouragements in developing the “Car Showroom Management System”. Thanks are also due to Dr. Prof. Elsamma Thomas Varicatt, Principal, The Oxford College of Science, our H.

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O. D Mr. J. S Nixon and all my teachers for their valuable guidance and their tireless effort in supporting us throughout the course of our study here in the institute. Without their kind support and inspiration, this project would not have resulted the way it is now.

We also express sincere thanks to our friends and classmates who were always there for us to help in every possible way. Above all we would like to thank The Almighty God for all the blessings that he had bestowed upon us for giving us the courage and wisdom to face challenges. Thanking you, Aditya Kumar Jha Reg. No: 10RNSB5030 The Oxford College of Science (Affiliated to Bangalore University) Bangalore – 560102 Preface

This project “Car Showroom Management System ” gives us the complete information about the Car Showroom. We can enter the record of new cars and retrieve the details of cars available in the showroom. This project is a software application that aims to automate and minimize the traditional way of record keeping, tabulating in particular to Car Showroom’s and hence named as “CAR SHOWROOM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”. Well this project incorporates the idea of automation and tries to reduce the man power involved in a showroom.

With the help of this software one can easily retrieve all the information regarding a particular car or a particular member that has been registered in the system. It is also possible to retrieve the records of cars that are available or not. The software also enables a user to monitor and access information with just a click of a mouse. Throughout the project the focus has been on presenting information and comments in an easy and intelligible manner. The project is very useful for those who want to know about Car Showroom Management System.

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