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Coursework-Speech on the minister of education to allow more single-sex education centres in Bahrain

I am here today to inform and hopefully persuade the minister of education to allow more single-sex education centres in Bahrain.

Single-sex schools are not merely an issue of segregating boys and girls; it is a matter of helping them individually in all their subjects. Students are greatly motivated and definitely more enthusiastic about learning if they know they’re involved in their classes. The students feel they are free to express themselves without the fear of humiliation, whereas in co-ed schools, they are not as liberal.

Most students, in co-ed, keep to themselves and are afraid to stand in the spotlight; therefore, pulling back in their education. Is this what you want for the youth? To fail? Do you want their grades to drop just because they feel they don’t belong?!

Single-sex centres allow students to be open-minded and voice their thoughts; helping them to develop their confidence and strengthen their communication skills.

Many students who graduated from single-sex schools were extremely content with the results of studying and achieving their goals.

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For example, a study conducted in 2005 for the NCGS by the Goodman Research Group of Cambridge, interviewed over 1000 recent girls’ school graduates. ‘They were asked to reflect on their school experience, and to evaluate their readiness to make the transition from high school to college… and beyond.’

* ‘93% of these girls claimed they were either very or extremely satisfied with the individualised attention they received.’ Most girls in co-educational stated that they felt excluded from involvement in lessons and this resulted in low grades.

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This is part of an old quote, ‘Tell me and I might remember, Involve me and I will never forget.’ Involving each and every student is extremely important in every class as this triggers the student’s confidence and helps them understand every concept on the topic. Classes in co-ed schools usually consist of at least 30 students and therefore it is quite impossible to attend to each and every student’s needs. However, in single-sex schools, the classes are smaller and consist of approximately 15-20 students; therefore, students feel they are embraced and their voices are heard. Thus, concluding in high achievement and impressive grades.

* ‘95% of these girls said they were either very or extremely satisfied with how their schools prepared them for college.’ Girls feel empowered in single-sex schools when choosing subjects for college. As, unlike in co-ed schools, there is no sex-stereotyping in the subjects they decide to take. For example, in co-ed schools there is found to be negative attitude shown towards a girl taking maths and science; as well as boys being named as ‘queer’ if they decide to take language arts and foreign languages.

This is discouraged in single-sex schools and students are encouraged to take whatever subjects they feel are convenient. Don’t you think this is necessary? The students need to know that we as adults support and encourage whatever decision they make. We don’t want to force them to take a subject they feel is unnecessary. Our job is to help the youth and let them feel free to be happy with whichever path they decide to take. We don’t want them to be unhappy; that would be demeaning.

* ‘99% felt more or equally prepared to interact with faculty compared with peers who attended co-ed schools.’ Students in a single-gendered environment are accepted and loved for who are they are. This results in many things; students find it easier to socialise and express themselves, they achieve higher and develop greater confidence. They become stronger and independent as they are encouraged and told that ‘they can do it if they put their minds to it.’ This eases the teenager’s uptight attitude towards socialising and speaking in front of an audience. ‘A positive comment leads to intense self-confidence and an admirable self-esteem.’

* ‘97% felt more or equally prepared for public speaking compared with their peers who attended co-ed schools.’ Single-sex schools help students develop greater self confidence, as I previously mentioned, as well as broader interests. This leads to various beneficial characteristics. The more involved they are, the better it is. They widen their interests in worldly matters and become cultivated on mature topics. This increases their self-confidence and helps them to overcome the fear of speaking to a crowd.

Single-sex education gives students a ‘light beacon of hope’ that this is the place where they will be accepted. This is the place where they don’t have to impress, this is the place where they can achieve, they can succeed; this may be the place where they belong!

I have given you my opinion and the equally significant facts. So, what is your answer? Are you willing to help the youth? Are you willing to allow girl to study in all girl’s environment? And boys develop in an all boy’s atmosphere? Are you willing to let the girls feel free to voice their opinion, to let them feel they have an equal opportunity just like every other student out there? This is up to you! Are you going to make the right decision?

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