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By carefully observing and analyzing the actions and dynamics happening within my company, I feel that I had been able to reach out and relate my course readings to my current practice. Carefully observing and allowing myself to engage in interaction, I can better decipher and realize important goals that can help me become adaptive and expand my capabilities both as an individual and part of that organization. Seeing this, indeed the course material can actively relate to my understanding of how culture is manifested and facilitated under such conditions and scenarios.

One important and essential component manifested by my organization AT&T is its drive towards reaching out to different cultures and providing their services to other individuals. It has always been the vision of the company to actively administer the needed changes to better lives and improve citizen empowerment. “Today, our mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else” (AT&T, 2008, p. 1).

Operating on this idea and applying this on the course materials, I feel that it is related and brings about the understanding on ideas and concepts surrounding universal culture and common culture. Understanding this, the company operates under the framework of universal culture as it tries to reach out and address on of man’s needs while the common cultural revolves around the patterns wherein AT&T creates to establish connection and be able to reach out and provide openness to every subscriber (Schaefer, 2008).

Another important concept surrounding the AT&T is its ability to reach out to the public by constantly seeking out solutions and using technological developments to easily bridge out the needed areas for change. It has been able to transcend to the needs of the public and opened up possibilities since its time of conception and operation. “AT&T Labs has a long history of innovation — a heritage that includes seven Nobel Prizes and thousands of patents issued or pending worldwide” (AT&T, 2008, p. 1).

Now, AT&T continues its objectives in opening up and conducting new approaches that can better suite the needs of consumers and business entities (AT&T, 2008). Applying this to our readings, there are indeed new models that enable culture to be transmitted and infused into different societies. One example of this is technology and the impact of globalization and commercialization. These instruments have also been essential in the facilitation and creation of interaction among members of different societies.

“Technology not only accelerates the diffusion of scientific innovations but also transmit culture” (Schaefer, 2008, p. 58). This in turn necessitates an understood form of communication and medium used for such process. Inclusion and diversity is another trait present within the AT&T workforce. The company has been dedicated in its efforts in promoting fair and effective treatment to all individuals regardless if they have physical disabilities or not.

The overall operations revolve around making sure that diversity is implemented and managed accordingly which provides an avenue for growth and sustainability (AT&T, 2008). This is again in line with the overall vision and mission of the company. Seeing the practice of diversity, this can be associated in the readings via its ability to tap into the concepts of organizational culture and the presence of norms, values and principles within such setup.

Accordingly, the formation, creation and implementation of these standards allow companies to better associate themselves to the trends and effectively apply their objectives and goals in a specific scenario (Schaefer, 2008). At the same time, it enables the workforce to create their own distinctions and practices that are in line with the chosen standards. By actively seeking to implement these strategies, new forms of interaction and facilitation can be achieved in the process (Schaefer, 2008). Another important characteristic of AT&T is its application of corporate social responsibility.

This strategy has relatively been new and enables the company to expand and extend its hand to other sectors for help. Seeing this, there has been a renewed drive for the company to intensify and widen its CSR efforts to effectively carry out its objectives to the community. “Thanks to these efforts; we contributed more than $164 million through corporate-, employee- and AT&T Foundation-giving programs in 2007” (AT&T, 2008, p. 1). At the same time, AT&T has been renewing its role of creating and maximizing its potentials in the realm of communication.

It has adopted a framework that is encouraging the need for development and realization for learning within the community. By allowing these changes to happen, the company can broaden its client range and effectively impart innovation and accountability. For example, the company “invests in programs that help educate adults and children about the benefits of a high speed Internet connection to help increase digital inclusion and to empower the Hispanic community with online tools to be successful and competitive” (AT&T, 2008, p.

1). Seeing the two given examples, these are indeed manifestations of roles of AT&T both in the community and the world. Roles are important because it serves as a medium for the development of alternatives and the attainment of goals and objectives (Schaefer, 2008). By adequately elaborating on these goals, it gives out the necessary values and principles that the company promotes and makes it stand out among its competitors.

By clearly understanding these frameworks, outcomes can be sustainable and administrative towards changes (Schaefer, 2008). Since AT&T is a complex organization, it operates under different standards, principle and norms. As it tries to become accountable and responsible towards its decision making capabilities, it also exercises the drive towards ensuring that all its employees follow rules and protocols to further create harmony among colleagues, clients and management (AT&T, 2008).

This then enables effective and efficient work related practices and improvement in employee relationships. Operating on this idea, norms and rules operate in every social organization. Since AT&T is a complex organization, it carries with it the mixture of diversity, perceptions and opinions. This can only be controlled by creating rules and norms on different areas such as work, interaction, communication, etc. (Schaefer, 2008). At the same time, these concepts serve as a means to stabilize and maintain order within a social setup.

By having a guide on how people operate, there can be a renewed commitment towards achieving the goals and objectives that have been placed within the formation of a social organization such as AT&T (Schaefer, 2008). Reference AT&T (2008) Company Information. Retrieved March 16, 2009 from, http://www. att. com/gen/landing-pages? pid=3309 Schaefer, R. T. (2008) Sociology: A Brief Introduction 8 ed. (US; McGraw-Hill College) Retrieved March 16, 2009.

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