Couples counseling Essay

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Couples counseling

Woman is a greatest creature of the god. Woman plays an important role in every man’s life. There is a woman behind the every successful man. Men and women are made for each other. Actually they are life partner of each other, but the chance of the death of a partner is more for women than for men. There is a ratio of 1:4 between men and women. It means chance of the death of a married man is 4 times greater than the chance of the death of a married woman. Generally aged men become widower than young man (U. S. Census Bureau). There are many of similarities and differences between the experiences of the widowers and widows.

Comparisons are done by the many people between widows and widowers. But there are some unique experiences in the life of widowers. The course of bereavement is wrought with diversity and variability among widowers. Widowers are not able to adapt the death of their wife easily. Some widowers face greater difficulty in adaptation the death of their wives. But many widowers ultimately become able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. (WIDOWERS, 2007) Couple’s counseling is a way of solving the problems of widowers. Couple’s counseling is based on the problems of the widower.

A widower can take help of the Couples counseling for recovering. It has proved that Couples counseling is very beneficial for widowers. Problems are handled in a best way in the Couples counseling. Widowers have to attend the counseling session to discuss the problems in life. Solutions are suggested by the experts and “how to get those solution? ”, is also suggested in Couples counseling. “How to deal with current problems of life? ” is also learned to the widowers in these Couples counseling sessions. There specific problems are also discussed and solved in these sessions.

The main aim of the Couples counseling is to provide a better way to solve the problems. The problem of loneliness, emptiness and past memories are the main problems of a widower. (Will) When a man lost his wife then he feels like a limb is cut from his body. Wife is a very important part of a man’s life. She is a person who kept them organized. A man is not called complete without a woman. That’s why loosing wife is very painful. Couples counseling has become very essential at this time for widowers because wives are “the primary source of protection, support, and comfort” for men.

Wives show a right direction to the husbands. Death of the wife means “being lost without a compass”. Widowers feel great loneliness after the death of their wives because they are dependent of wives for many things such as organization the home, caring of children and wives are supposed only true confidant of the husbands. Hence widowers need help after the death of their wives and this help is provided by the Couples counseling. It is very difficult for a widower to express himself. He cannot express his emotions easily. In such type of conditions Couples counseling sessions are very helpful. . (WIDOWERS, 2007)

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