Country Report on China Essay

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Country Report on China

In the whole Asia, China is conceived as one of the largest countries. In the world, it is the fourth most prominent country after Russia, Canada and USA. China is surrounded by the following neighboring countries i. e. Russia, India, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Pakistan, and so on. It mainly covers up the areas around 9,596,960 square kilometers. In the whole world, China has the greatest population in comparison to the other neighboring countries. As per the recorded data in 2007, its total population is approx 1,321,851,000.

China is basically separated into States (23), Sovereign Regions (5), and Administrative Districts (4). The statistical distribution of the China’s population takes place in such a way: ? Approx 10% or 115 million people of the total population reside in an area of only 47,000 square kilometers. The area of 47,000 Square Kilometers is only 0. 5% of China’s total land mass. In the most obtusely inhabited countries and cities, the mean population density is 2,428 individuals per square kilometer. ? Less than or up to 50%, population of the China lives in an area of about 778,000 square kilometers.

It presents merely 8. 2% of the total land. The average population density of this area is about 740 people per square kilometer. ? More than 90% of the Chinese population or approximately 1 billion Chinese people reside in a smaller, more than 30% territory of the country. About 345 individuals per square kilometer is the population density of this area The distribution data given above reflects that almost the total population of China is focused in less than one-third of the country. While, in comparison to the Belgium, the average population density is greater (Population Growth, 1999).

In the world, China is viewed as the one of the four Oldest Cultures. It has a published history of 4,000 years or more and also has the great features like ‘Rich Ethnical Relics’ and ‘Historic Sites’. The paper-making, compass, gunpowder, and publishing, are the following invention of Chinese individuals. China is an ancient culture or cultural region that mainly depends on a range of views. In the East Asia, it is national or multinational entity, which is covering more than a large area of the country.

In the period of past few years, it’s ethnical or civilization area has covered throughout East Asia as a whole, with Chinese traditions, religious belief and orthographies being adjusted to changing levels by neighboring courtiers i. e. Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. China has endured the various economic problems over the period of time that not only influences its economic growth, but also is a great hindrance in the way of country’s growth. The following are the various critical problems, which were faced by China; volatile or rapid population growth, economic stagnation; and penetration & influence.

The main economic pertains of the Chinese population, which directly or indirectly affect the economic growth or country’s development i. e. fiscal shortfall, elusive obligations, migrant population rate, arising population rate, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate, and problem of unemployment (China’s political and economic concerns, 2009). Besides the above economic concerns, the various other issues that confronted engrave troubles and heavy cost on China’s resource environment are high expelling and low efficiency, broad mode of economic growth, boasting high input, high economic consumption, etc.

Hence, it is concluded that all the above issues affect the economic process sustainability. The problem of arising population and development is closely related with each other. Thus, it must be conceived in close relation to country’s development. Today, in the area of population and development, China is greatly confronted with grave challenges. Each year, the recorded growth in population is about …. , that ultimately gives rise to the other problems i. e. rise in number of the poor people, increasing environmental pollution, natural resources depletion, etc.

In order to defeat these challenges, Government of the China must take some initiatives, in order to control the growing population rate, obviate poverty level and defend surroundings to sustained economic growth. Over the previous few years, the economic condition of the China is quite good and has demonstrated noteworthy economic growth. Noteworthy economic growth indicates that in the future, Chinese will enjoy an attractive augmentation in its economy, but this is possible only when, China proceeds crucial rectifies to its economy.

Hence, to constitute a strong economy, China has to implement the Economic Expert’s safety measures effectively, or otherwise, it could endanger succeeding growth of the economy. The reforms include: set up state owned enterprises, effective banking system, changes in ineffective Legal laws or Government rule, control or eliminate the public agitation over pollution; corruption and income inequality also set menaces to economic or social stableness. Focus on Population Growth

The issue of growing population is the foremost crucial point regarding the economic concern of the country. For the Government of China or its individuals, the increase in the population growth rate is the enormous consequence or substantial challenge. This continuous growth in population affects the whole world; thus, it is conceived as a generous issue. The 20% of the total world’s population can be considered as the People’s Republic of China (Rosenberg, 2009). This shows that out of five people, one belongs to or lives in China.

In the year 2008, Population about 1. 3million or 1,330,044,605 was recorded as the projected population and an approximated growth rate was around 0. 6%. In China, the anticipated population growth is about 10 million, per year. It is expected that population rate of the China will reach at the top i. e. about 1. 6 billion by the year 2005 (China, 2009). By the late of the year 2010, population in China is anticipated to arrive at 1. 4 billion. Roughly 2030, China’s population will expect at the extreme level and then slowly commence falling down (Rosenberg, 2009).

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