Country Living Versus City Essay

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Country Living Versus City

The traffic is bad, work is hectic, and people do not seem to have enough time to talk to each other about little things (Is Country Living Healthier Than City Living, 1997). Yet, living in the city continues to have its own charms. One of the main reasons why a huge number of people choose to live in cities as compared to the country side is that the city offers more and better opportunities to earn money. Moreover, cities are known to have finer and a greater variety of schools as well as health care facilities. No wonder, cities can become overcrowded.

There is just too much to do in cities, and plenty of people wanting the kind of stimulation offered in these places, as compared to the country, where life can be dull and boring, and there is usually only one cinema house to cater to the interests of all. The population of the country is also not as big. Hence, only those who do not mind seeing the same people over and over again may want to choose the country over the city. Regardless of the range of our interests, country life offers fewer opportunities to stimulate the intellect.

There may be few if any bookstores, little or no diversity in terms of the population, in addition to very few recreational spots in the country. On the contrary, people living in the city are exposed to countless people from different corners of the nation and the world at large; these people also have easy access to many bookstores, recreational spots, as well as airports and other modern conveniences. Hence, city living as compared to country living may broaden the mind as well as our interests in life.

People in the city may also tend to be smarter than people from the country seeing that city living offers greater opportunities to stimulate the intellect. COUNTRY LIVING VERSUS CITY LIVING Page # 2 Individualists probably do not miss the sense of neighborliness and the sense of community that people in the country are typically acquainted with.

For individualists, it is most important to develop themselves, and this development would not feel complete without the amenities that only the city offers (Is Country). Even so, the city is known to have more crime than the country. People are coming to the city from all around the nation and the globe, after all. When these people do not find jobs in the city, they may very well turn to crime. Nevertheless, cities remain overcrowded because law enforcement is recognized as a genuine way to deal with the threat of crime.

People do not give up on city living even if country living might be safer. One advantage of country living is, of course, the extra space that people see around themselves. When Professor Robert Cummins visited his hometown in the country, he remarked: “I’d forgotten how much extra space you’ve got … and on the main street there’s hardly any traffic around so basically I’ve got most of the shops to myself. ” People living in the city tend to love the extra space that the country offers, especially for their vacations.

However, they can easily become agitated in the country after a while, missing the stimulation of the city. Moreover, people from the city do not feel that they miss out on the so-called “community spirit” of the country (Is Country). This is because the city dwellers have developed their own community spirit in the city. They may give to charities, for example, or visit orphan homes. They may join different societies and clubs. After all, there is no dearth of human beings in the city. For anybody who wants to develop a sense of belongingness in the city, it is possible to do so any day.


One disadvantage faced by country dwellers is that “everyone knows your dirty laundry. ” According to Professor Cummins, “People do become overly involved in one another’s lives and for some people this can be a great source of irritation” (Is Country Living). This problem does not exist in cities, seeing that there are far too many people around for an individual to dwell on the negative emotions of a few.

Finally, although country living may feel more relaxed than city living, the reality of human life is that people do fall sick at one time or another, and “another country negative is that health services are pretty thin. ” According to Phoebe Bull, who moved from the city to the country to get married, “I phoned to go to the dentist here, booked in two months ago and November 25 is the next date I can go — it’s just unbelievable and doctors are the same” (Is Country Living). No wonder, cities are still overcrowded. It is definitely more practical to live in the city.

Water taxi man, Ric Fletcher from the city, agrees: “Things open 24 hours a day, you can find a restaurant or a cafe anywhere. You’ve got the opera, theatre, cinemas, a great choice of night life and live venues you can go to where you’ve got top-class acts playing pretty well all year round. ” COUNTRY LIVING VERSUS CITY LIVING Page # 4 References 1. Is Country Living Healthier Than City Living? (1997). Nine MSN. Retrieved from http://health. ninemsn. com. au/article. aspx? id=118615. (17 March 2007).

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