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The three worlds of welfare capitalism

... Lukes (2010) understands the dimension of power from three distinct definitions. The first dimension augurs well with pluralist ideologist where power is understood from American democratic theory. In this case, the master has authority to modify the behaviors of his/her master when it comes to decision making. A practical example in this case is the recent situation in Zimbabwe where Mugabe as the president decides on almost every policy. The second dimension is related to the ...

Aspect of family in the film Pushing Hands

...In the book From ‘Minority Film’ to “minority Discourse,’” Screening China, Zhang (2002) asserts that cultural aspects such as ethnicity and race play a major role in ensuring that family ties are kept alive. In addition, he argues that failure to stick to the family ties would lead to cultural conflicts. This cultural conflict is the main element that Master Chu find himself in and creates an internal misunderstanding in his cognitive thoughts. Even though his daughter-in-law totally ...

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Intercultural communication and power distance

...Although power distance may appear unimportant when moving to a new cultural environment, knowing how it impacts an individual could be of importance (theory of plane crashes).even though power distance may be regarded unnecessary in intercultural communication it is important knowing the best time and best method to converse with one another. The process of transition from one culture demand Saudi Arabia to establish an effective channel that will ensure the power distance is reduced as much as...

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

... Underrepresentation in the government is another issue that affects the Hispanic and Dominican communities. This is the same the community in Wao is treated as a minor community in the region. In addition to underrepresentation in the government, the two minor communities have also been affected by lack of adequate education facilities. This has reduced their access to formal education. Increased quality of education for Hispanic-American students has been termed as a priority in orde...

Article summary example

...The country's urgent problem presents many concerns, one of which is the economy. The nation's financial system is frail as estimated recently to be 7 percent and unfortunately has not been steady enough to construct a middle class. Such economy can't support a large population whose one fifth is living on less than a 1$ a day. Additionally, Egypt does not processes many resources as it depends heavily on the water from the Nile and imported goods. Many are concerned about the general welfare of...


...Bell, N. (November 1, 2011). Data Sources: International Comparisons of Educational Attainment. Council of Graduate Schools. Retrieved from: http://www.cgsnet.org/data-sources-international-comparisons-educational-attainment Brian, M. (August 21, 2012) Impressive: Nearly Two-Thirds of South Koreans Now Own a Smartphone. The Next Web. Retrieved from: http://thenextweb.com/asia/2012/08/21/impressive-nearly-two-thirds-south-koreans-now-smartphone/ Cooper, J. (September 1, 2012). South Korea's Shift...

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

...The deli may symbolise Changez’ life in Pakistan whereas the American express is the life he’s found in America, both of which are not able to work together. It is not until Changez meets Juan Bautisa that he realises he is not able to be loyal to both America and Pakistan. He becomes an “ex janissary’ and returns to Pakistan where he is able to feel a sense of belonging as he no longer possess conflicting identities. Changez begins his journey as a hardworking young man doing his best t...

Canada and the United States Policies

...Additionally, the Conservatives and Liberals repeatedly vote together on matters pertaining to Palestine and Israeli-Canadian relations, such as their condemnation of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Moreover, although it doesn't pertain to foreign policy, it should be noted that Trudeau (who, like Obama, campaigned in both elections with climate action in his platform) approved more oil/gas pipelines than Harper ever did, which categorically doesn't fit with his climate act...

Role of women in politics in Pakistan

...Women activism remained, and remains, confined to legal rights, demanding rights based on religion and their domestic role and not as citizens of Pakistan; the issues revolve around representation in the parliament or various bodies formed by the state. These state sponsored efforts (official commissions on women in 1955, 1976, 1985, 2001) were confined to urban women, effectively restricting articipation to urban activists with a moderate agenda along with the representatives of conservative an...

Marketing strategy of Teletalk Banladesh

...The biggest advantage of is that it’s a government company though teletalk did not established as a market leader. And teletalk can improve its product and service to retain in the market. GP is the leader in the market and banglalink is in the second position. Teletalk has got lot of aspect to improve the situation. To be the market leader teletalk must be very careful in the field of marketing plan and the success of the company is a matter of subject that how they are implementing the plan....

Driving License

...Now days, we are also able to find out that many female are driving their own cars. It becomes more hazardous for them to get the license in a legal way. So, they are going to the driving schools to learn driving. In my survey, I have find out that almost all the female have got their driving license through the driving school and also in an illegal way. The driving learning school should also be developed, because they are the ones responsible for teaching the people to drive well. If they gets...

Traffic Jam in Bangladesh

...Traffic congestion is a global as well as local problem. All over the world, the prime cause of traffic congestion is on street parking. In Bangladesh, traffic congestion is a common issue in the big cities like Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna and in Dhaka it is severe. It is one of the most important problems of modern time. In Dhaka, different infrastructural and managerial projects are granted for reducing traffic jam. Traffic congestion constraints can be reduced by embarking on various strateg...

Smith vs Bradford

...In his writings he gives detailed maps of Virginia and adventurous tales, which gave him the fame he was seeking. He talks about how “such extreme weakness and sickness oppressed”(83) the colony. Then Smith goes on about how he lost his men to the Indians and was taken captive. He gives detailed descriptions of the places he was taken and the people he met while in captivity. He credits his rescue to Pocahontas, the daughter of the Chief of the Chesapeake Bay. “Pocahontas, the King’s dea...

Decolonization and Revolution

...Former prime minister of India Narasimha Rao was first questioned by the Indian people as to his ability to lead. This was turned around as he implemented many policy changes in India. India, fairly unfamiliar with outside involvement, now encouraged foreign investment. Rao’s programs for economic growth and investment, both foreign and Indian, faced opposition from possible disorder. However, Rao’s use of intellectual thinking and a new, open India, aided his decisions. A documentary depict...

The Nonmarket Environment of McDonald’s

...China is a big country with 1.35 billion people, and anything could happen if they are allowed for free speech. With the examples of Egypt and Urumqi, I think Facebook should join Global Network Initiative and allow users to be anonymous. Lets say Facebook enters China, and there is an uprising, and people joined and spread the news by Facebook, if something like that happens Facebook will be in trouble as they are responsible. Also the people who started the riot will be in bigger trouble, a de...

Hispanic in America

...However, the reality was that Hispanics were considered uneducated by Americansbecause they couldn’t speak English and they were focused on their jobs to give a better life for themselves and their families. However, the reality nowadays is different; Hispanics recognized the education as a key of success. They are now interested in learn English as a second language and take advantage of some many educational programs out there. Actually, there are some Hispanic people with higher education ...

El Cairum/Cairo - the most populated city in Africa

...However it can get overcrowded during rush hour. Moreover, Cairo delivers Egypt’s 90% of overall culture making it the main attraction for tourism. It’s also famous for places like the Cairo Opera House, Khedivial Opera House, Cairo International Film Festival, and the Cairo Geniza. All associated to be over centuries of years old. Thus, making Cairo have a large economy with tourism. So it isn’t hard to find a job in Cairo if you’re ever willing to stay. But if you just dropping by, I s...

Coe Case Stydy

...An expansion to Mexico would offer a great potential. An in-depth market research will help analyze the patterns and habits of costumers. Doing business in Mexico will not only help the company grow but it will also benefit the U.S. economy. Ever since NAFTA took effect, both large and small American companies have expanded in Mexico. A range of locations in Southern USA have developed rapidly to keep up with the heavy trade between US and Mexico offering new jobs to U.S. Citizens and boosting t...

Aztec Food and Agriculture Informative Speech

...Overall, the Aztec diet consisted of mainly corn. Without corn, the meal wouldn't be considered as a meal. Agriculture techniques was recreated with the invention of the Chinampa. With the newly invented Chinampa, Aztecs were able to dramatically increase the amount of crops they could grow unlike how they were struggling with growing crops on the unfertile lands. The Aztec food culture had inspired many countries today. Look at how chocolate, once a hot and spicy drink, was made into a global ...

Se habla Espanol by Tanya Maria Barrientos

...My initial reaction after reading “Se habla Espanol” was of understanding and compassion for Barrientos. Being from a Mexican background and migrating to the United States as a young woman in 1987, I understood and related to some of the challenges and frustrations Barrientos had growing up when trying to be accepted as an authentic Latina. I am a proud Hispanic woman and am always willing to share with others the history and culture of the country I was born in. I highly respect everyone wh...

Hacktivism: The Anonymous Hackers.

...The anonymous isn’t about the good guy or the bad guy; it’s the character of the individual. One minute they are heroic and good in saving civilization. A few minutes later they are hacking, and doing unethical thing by hacking personal information and put them for the public, and steeling credit cards. “Anonymous was never anyone’s personal army, and never stayed on any one topic for very long (Quinn 2011).” The anonymous can be anything from anywhere, a child, a mother, a doctor, and...

Orientalism Stereotypes in Mulan

...Finally, a different way of showing a major stereotype was when the movie added a physical portrayal of the invaders of China, the Huns. The leader of the Huns, Shan Yu is the most horrifically depicted of all. His black eyebrows that pointed downwards seemed to make a permanent evil scowl, his eyes are tiny yellow circles, his teeth point up at the corners like a vampire, and his deep voice reminds us the viewer’s just how evil he is supposed to be. The Huns contrast the Chinese army strongly...

My reading experience

...The beautiful words in these articles aroused my desire for writing. In these years of reading experience, I tried to write something by my own, but my writing skills are not improve any more, my mother told me that I could write a diary, I know it could be a good way to improve my writing skills, but I always lack a kind of perseverance to stick to it. In my own words, I think writing would be fun, so I just try to write something for fun, and I also think more reading will help. Let me use the...

Comparison of the Chinese and American Cultures

...Leslie, and Linda Stokes 1996. Multicultural Customer Service: Providing Outstanding Service Across Cultures. Chicago: Times Mirror Higher Education Group, Inc "CultureAbout Our Definitions: All Forms of a Word (noun, Verb, Etc.) Are Now Displayed on One Page." Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 18 Apr. 2013 Li Qing 1995. "Face, Guanxi, Houmen(r) & Elastic Rules: Insight into the Chinese Culture.” Presentation at conference of NAFSA: Association of International Educators. Tong, W...

Lester B. Pearson

...In conclusion, Lester B. Pearson is the most is the most influential Canadian of the 20th century because he pursued social welfare programs, promoted peace, and the unity of a diverse ethnic nation. During his term a Prime Minister, his Liberal minority government implemented programs that was a generalized “war on poverty” through his introduction of the Canadian Pensions Plan, Medicare, and student loans. As the president of the United Nations General Assembly, his solution of establishin...

?Journey always change the people involved

...Journey change the people involved as seen in the characters of the two texts. In beneath clouds, the journey of Lena and Vaughn is a journey to get accepted in their community/society. Lie is a journey that we all make and it could be a search for love or freedom as in journey to freedom. Along the way life is a journey filled with decisions and choices. Lena and Vaughn had an aim in their physical and inner journey, Lena outgrows her hatred towards aboriginals and Vaughn has a better understan...

The Success Factors of Kfc in China

...The consumption habits and culture values are particularly different from others, especially Western culture. Foreign companies should utilize Chinese culture values and cultural symbols effectively. Some specific strategies are as following: They can convey their philosophy by using multicultural advertisement. Advertisement is recognized as one visible aspect of the culture of consumption (Wang, 2000). This would be the most effective way to influence the target customers. For instance, one of...

International Marketing of Ikea

...To sum up, IKEA has become a successful international company with a wide range of products, and its global experience and unique strategy has led it occupy the large market share. But there are also some problems blocking its development in other countries because of the different culture, economy and lifestyle. So it is time for IKEA to carry out the new strategy on balancing its brand, product, service and management in order to expand new market, and take more advantages in the competition....

Shang China VS. Ancient Egypt

...You would be correct to say that the civilizations of the ancient Chinese and Egyptians could not be further apart in geography and appearance. However, they developed two societies that shared many similar ideas. Their common belief in ancestor worship and a similar social structure are just a couple of the shared ideas of the two groups. The differences become more apparent in the advancement of the Egyptian culture. Even though their population was smaller, the Egyptians were better builders...

Anzaldua - Borderlands la frontera

...The US itself was a colony with Spanish, French, British conquerors. Who said that ‘American’ has to be the language you must speak in order to belong to their land? In addition, she had to take two speech classes to get rid of her accent. She expresses that “attacks on one’s form of expression with the intent to censor are a violation of the First Amendment […] Wild tongues can’t be tamed, they can only be cut out” ( Anzaldua 76). Indeed, to truly be part of the American ideal so...

Oodgeroo Noonucal Speech

...We are going conveys the spirituality of the aborigines. The poem lists the many belongings of the aboriginal culture that makes up who they are. We are the old sacred memories, the law of the elders, and we are the wonder tales of dream time, the tribal legends told, are the metaphors used, it compares the Aborigines to the sacred things that define them, this conveys the strong connection between the Aboriginal people and their spirituality. The repetition of we are emphasis all the objects li...


...Therefore, we believe that directly translating United States pricing will be feasible strategy. KFC and McDonald both require at least 15,000,000 YMB to become a franchisee in China. This 15,000,000 YMB this price includes building construction, equipment and décor, permits, initial franchise fee, development services fee, grand opening expense, real estate, start-up inventory, training expenses and many more. We believe it is safe to estimate our starting cost around 15,000,000 to 20,000,000 ...

Was Charles the Architect of His Own Downfall?

...My first reason is that if he listened to parliament and listened to what their opinion is then maybe he wouldn’t be in this mess. Also if he didn’t marry a French catholic and didn’t betray his religion then there wouldn’t be a big fight and he wouldn’t be executed and if he was more wise of using the ship money for something else which is important. Also if he didn’t give important roles to he’s friends just for money and didn’t force the Scottish protestant of reading the new ...

Australian Identity

...The couple would then share their vegetables with their neighbours who in turn provided vegetables for them to plant. The gap between the Australian couple and their European neighbours was finally reduced as they learned to live together in harmony. Therefore it is seen that the Australians and migrants could learn to live with each other and create a society that accepts other cultures. In conclusion, it is clear that the Australian identity is a diverse concept that has changed over the cour...

"Chicano" Mexican-American Movement

...In 1967 appeared the most influential Chicano Literary Magazine, El Gallo, initiating the publishing house El Quinto Sol (The Fifth Sun). El Quinto Sol emphasized the Chicano culture, language, themes and styles and a Mexica/Aztec identity and promoted the Spanish Language. The fifth sun referred to the Aztec belief in a period of cultural flowering that would take place some time in the future, in a fifth age that coincided with the rise of the Chicano movement. One of the first books published...

Crevecoeur in America

...To say that Crèvecoeur is an interesting character of American history is an understatement. Having been witness to three distinct phases of colonial America. These are the pre-revolutionary period, the actual American Revolution itself and its aftermath. These various periods and stages in his life affect him deeply and modified his writings and his views. In conclusion, Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur embodies many things that characterized colonial America as both a land brimming with opportu...


...Associates, R. Q. (2008, September 16). Ideology in Cloudstreet . Retrieved 2013, from www.englishcurriculum.com.au Cloudstreet Notes. (n.d.). Retrieved 2013, from Sydney Home Tutoring: http://www.sydneyhometutoring.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Details-Cloudstreet-notes.pdf. Dot Point Notes Cloudstreet. (n.d.). Retrieved 2013, from Sydney Home Tutoring : http://www.sydneyhometutoring.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Dot-Point-Notes-Cloudstreet.pdf. Greenberg, N. (2008, October 8). Retrieve...

FAQ about Country

What Overcoming Adversity to Become a Better Person

...In conclusion, struggling to overcome adversities is not very easy but once a person makes to overcome them, they become a much stronger person. In my case, I have learnt to overcome adversities related to relocating to the United States alone, which ...

To what extent had the provisions of The Vienna Settlement

...Overall, the provisions of The Vienna Settlement of 1815 relating to Italy had not been overthrown by 1849. Although nationalist ideas were gaining support, the actions that resulted due to them were not usually successes and revolutions tended to on ...

Why is it important to learn English?

...For instance, trade. Offering goods and services to other countries for a need in return. Without a language that is internationally recognized, trade wouldn’t have taken place. Why? No one would know how to communicate with other countries. Withou ...

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