Countries With The Brain Drain Issue Economics Essay

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Malaysia is one of the affected states with the encephalon drain issue. “ Malaysia aims to go one of the large high income states by 2020, but the increasing rate of encephalon drain restrains it to make that purpose. Malaysia ‘s population as of 2009 was 27.5 million, where at least 800,000 and up to 1.5 million Malaysians were populating abroad ” that is about 2.9 % to 5.6 % . Most of these Malaysians “ migrated to Singapore and OECD states such as Australia, UK and US. ” ( Wong, 2010 ) .

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1 ( Puting the Malayan diaspora into position, 2011 ) 1.


The intent of this study is to analyze the “ Brain Drain ” in Malaysia, identify and measure some of the causes and effects of encephalon drain including the recommendations to cut down the “ Brain Drain ” in Malaysia. The lineations of the study

“ The term encephalon run out itself states the international transportation of resources in the signifier of human capital. In other word, the migration of comparatively extremely educated persons from a state. This term surely explains the moving of professionals, experts and proprietors of engineering and higher accomplishments, wholly considered as the thoughtful encephalons and human capital of a state.

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” ( Panahi, 2012, pg3003 ) .2

The causes of encephalon drain are complicated and profoundly rooted in other facets of Malaysian ‘s society. One of the chief causes of the encephalon drain is occupation chances, economic and political issue. The effects of this encephalon drain can be clearly seen to impact the economic development of Malaysia and its aspiration to go a high income economic system state as of the twelvemonth 2020. ( Wong, 2010 ) .1

The intent of this research survey will be to analyze the factors impacting the increasing rate of encephalon drain and its effects to Malaysia. This is to happen a solution to this issue and cut down the rate of encephalon drain in Malaysia. To carry through this intent, an analytical research survey will study the Malayan citizens on their sentiment about this encephalon drain issue.


There are a few causes to the increasing rate of encephalon drain in Malaysia. Some of them include political-social unfairness, greater occupation chances, the falling educational criterions and the hapless societal criterions of the state. These causes would assist us understand why Malaysian ‘s presents prefer to travel abroad instead than populating in their ain state.

Political-social unfairness can be said as a factor when Malaysia ‘s encephalon drain appears to be picking up the gait when the figure of Malaysian ‘s migrating abroad has doubled this past twelvemonth. Majority of Malaysian ‘s that migrate experience that societal unfairness made them to travel out of the state. The non-Malays wantonness this state because cultural Malayans see them as foreigners in a foreign state despite being born and populating here for a long clip. However, the figure of Malayans who migrate is besides increasing due to the fact of corrupt patterns every bit good as the rigorous confines of Islam in the state. ( Mariam Mokhtar, 2010 ) .3

Not merely that, in a research done by the World Bank, it is said that Malaysians are “ willing to return if the authorities displacements from race- based to needs-based affirmatory policies. ” Furthermore, in the fourth issue of the Malaysia ‘s economic proctor, ” 60 % of the respondents found that societal unfairness as their chief ground to migrate or return-migrate, saying unequal entree to scholarships and higher instruction particularly among the younger coevals within the non-Bumiputera community ” . ( Izaham Musa, 2011 ) .4

Another major factor of encephalon drain is the greater chance for calling. These Malayan who migrate, find that they are non being paid consequently to their endowments and are unable to better themselves. By migrating, they find themselves improved employment, higher wages and better working environment. Even alumnuss, who study abroad, prefer to work abroad straight after they graduate. ( 2012, pg8 ) .5

Developed states have been trying to pull our Malaysians to make full in their spreads of human scarceness in their place states. These Malaysians are convinced by assuring high wage and better occupation chance which is non available here in Malaysia. Their thought of traveling abroad is to hold a satisfying societal life, better fringe benefits and have an international exposure in their lives. ( Junaimah Jauhar, Yusliza Mohd Yusoff, 2011, pg120 ) .6

The falling educational criterion of the state is besides another factor. Malayan parents are seeing that the Malayan instruction system is non up to the criterion that everyone is anticipating. Majority have the purpose to go forth Malaysian in order to obtain better instruction for their kids for their future calling chances. They think that with the falling instruction system, they are heading to the route of day of reckoning. ( Kapil Sethi, 2012 ) .7

“ With the falling educational criterions, the bright feel they are submerging in a sea of averageness ” . Changeless changing of course of study of our kids ‘s instruction is doing the criterion even lower. “ The current course of study has been reverted to Malay as the medium of direction, rote acquisition is insisted as a marker of excellence and lowering criterions to increase the base on balls rate is non assisting Malaysia ‘s cause, today or in the hereafter ” . ( Kapil Sethi, 2012 ) .7

Malaysian ‘s abroad province that hapless societal service and unsafe environment prompted them to migrate. This is another ground for the encephalon drain in Malaysia. These Malaysian ‘s who is abroad province that Malaysia is acquiring unsafe and they ca n’t set their assurance in the constabulary. Not to advert the bad services they receive in authorities offices and infirmaries. ( 2012, pg8 ) .5


“ Brain drain in Malaysia would impact the state ‘s aspiration to go a high-income state as human capital is the bedrock of a high income economic system. It needs a sustained and skilled intensive growing that will necessitate endowment to travel frontward. However, encephalon drain is n’t working good with Malaysia ‘s Vision of 2020. Malaysia needs endowment but endowment seems to be go forthing. ” ( Paren, 2011 ) .8

Not merely that, by these migrations of human capital from Malaysia, it reduces the already low measure of skilled work force available and needed for Malaysia ‘s development. Malaysia is losing its advanced and dynamic people to developed state doing Malaysia ‘s dream to accomplish Vision of 2020 a spot fuzz in the long tally. ( Urvee333, 2012 ) .9

Furthermore, encephalon drain besides “ hazards endangering its economic development if it does n’t work out its encephalon drain job. ” This is due to the impact of deficit of extremely skilled work force. Not merely would that, inventions that are meant to be created in Malaysia, happen its name elsewhere in the universe which would in bend bring down Malaysia ‘s economic development. ( M.Bakri Musa, 2011 ) .10

Another impact Brain drain has on economic development is that with more and “ more enterprisers taking their investings abroad, Malaysia is losing an chance of wealth creative activity. This has besides negative effects on revenue enhancement gross and employment ” . This besides reduces the state ‘s fight with other states economically. ( Urvee333, 2012 ) .9


Based on a research done by the World Bank, it is found that Malaysia needs more policies to increase fight in the labour market as they are needed to force up rewards. The Government besides needs to cut down the difference in the handiness of the quality basic instruction among provinces & A ; between rural and urban countries, restructure vocational preparation system and guarantee the accomplishments that are being produced match the market in order to increase fight. ( Standford, 2011 ) .11

By increasing fight, rewards will increase and the occupation chances will be brighter and it may work out the chief ground why Malaysian ‘s are traveling abroad to gain a life. Not merely that, this fight will besides bring forth extremely skilled work force that is sorely needed by Malaysia in order to hike up its economic system. This would besides “ create great chances for our local endowment pool. ” ( Chua Sher Hann, 2011 ) .12

Another recommendation to work outing this encephalon drain is if Malaysia solves its unstable instruction system. Malaya should see to de-politise the instruction system for the benefit of the state and state by offering good, simple and progressing instruction for all citizens. Because, low degree of instruction criterions will float off Malayan endowments as instruction system is to a great extent politicized in Malaysia which will impact the younger coevals hereafter and the foundation to a state ‘s economic success lies in the quality of instruction. ( 2012, pg13 ) .5

By holding a stable instruction system, Malaysia non merely will bring forth advanced and dynamic work force but besides loyal citizens which is fostered at a really immature age itself. This dynamic and advanced work force is needed in order for Malaysia ‘s aspiration to go a high-income state by the twelvemonth 2020. If this is established, the Vision of 2020 can be accomplishable.

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