Counselors as Companions and Ethics in Human Services Essay

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Counselors as Companions and Ethics in Human Services

Some of the things I believe that the counselor has learned from Steve are, it taught the counselor that you cannot help a person on their own life path. Only they can find their way. You just have to follow them and be supportive in the situation and on the path they choose. Some people may try to take the easy way out of everything. The counselor learned that you need to help them to take the long road, even though it may be harder and more complicated, sometimes it is the long road that gives you the better outcome in life and other journeys you may decide to take throughout your life.

The counselor learned that a person cannot be guided on a deeply personal journey. You cannot know another’s personal destination. You have to let the person find their own way. You be there travel companion and be there when they need a little help continuing. Some of the counselor’s behaviors that may change as a result of working with Steve are, the counselor will now be able to help a person that is on a difficult journey to better their life.

The counselor will be able to help them find their own way instead of trying to guide them down a path. The counselor will be able to teach someone that even though the short easy road looks good, it usually doesn’t get you where you want to be in life. Sometimes you have to take the long and difficult road to get the results that you want. Taking the easy way through things doesn’t benefit you as much as taking the long road. The counselor will now be able to look at things through a different point of view.

Instead of always looking through it as a guide, the counselor will now be able to look at it through a travel companions eyes, instead of telling them what they should do, will be able to help them decide what they want to do and what is right for them. Yes I think that most people you come into contact with change you in some way. When people come into your life, they come in for a reason. You have friends that come into your life, and they help you to make either the right decisions or wrong decisions in that part of your life.

You will have some that will get you to try drugs or alcohol or stealing. You have to decide what is right for you. You see your friends getting into trouble and you know that is not what you want for yourself so you change who you are friends with and the way you look at life, and find new friends, and a new path to turn down. Every person that you come in contact with helps you in some way you just don’t realize it. You see a homeless person on the street you will do what you need to do so you do not end up like that person.

You meet an executive or person that works in the field of study you are doing, you will study and try to do what you have too to make it to that point in your life. You will always try to do things to better yourself, especially when you see people doing exactly what it is that you want to do. You will always have that one person you look up to and want to be just like. Everyone that you meet will give you that little bit of something to strive for or strive against. Steve has changes as a result of this relationship because he has learned that not everyone is against him and what he wants to do with his life.

He has learned that there are people that are willing to stand next to him on his long and difficult path. He now knows that no matter what life throws at him, if he tries hard enough he can accomplish anything he wants to. He has learned to never let anyone or anything tell him he can’t achieve whatever goal he is after. He is a very strong independent person, but sometimes he needs a little push to keep him going in the direction that he is already headed. Yes I believe Steve has benefited from this relationship.

He gained a lot more self- esteem than what he had to begin with. He has also learned to trust more people that are trying to help him with his journey. He got a lot out of the relationship, because not everyone is willing to help someone in his situation. So he has learned to trust and believe in more people. Statement 9: Human service professionals recognize and build on the clients strengths. In this situation the counselor recognized and built on the clients weaknesses. The client wanted to use his weaknesses to help him become a better person.

Steve didn’t want to overlook his weaknesses and or disabilities. He used those weaknesses and turned them into strengths. I feel that was not the normal thing to do, but in this situation it was the right thing to do. I will resolve this by showing myself that. It is important to follow ethical standards because it is to ensure that you are not over stepping your boundaries as a health care professional. If you overstep your boundaries, you may end up with a law suit. It is best to follow them even though they are not laws.

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