Counselling Interview Skills Essay

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Counselling Interview Skills

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Reflective report.

During this module I have learnt how important it is to keep in mind that everyone has a set of values and beliefs. I have learnt the importance of knowing what your values and beliefs are, in order to be an effective counsellor. Client’s values and beliefs may be very different to my own, but that does not mean that they are wrong. Some of my values are to treat people with respect and to try and be empathetic to others. I think these values will help me be a good counsellor in that if the client feels respected and understood, they will feel comfortable with me. I am sure there will be times when a client has values that are just so incompatible with my own, that I will need to consider referral, this does not mean that I have failed the client. The client will benefit more from a counsellor who is able to find a connection with them and who does not judge them.

The learning activities I have participated in during this module have helped me see many different points of view. In week four we were asked to view a video called focusing. Everyone identified the same areas of concern such as not explaining the process of counselling correctly. In week eight we had a discussion on the type of issues or clients we would find challenging. My response was counselling a court ordered client, some of the other students had the same response. I said I would like advice from a supervisor, to find helpful ways of connecting to this type of client. In week nine we were asked to research an organisation to refer a client with an identified issue. I chose to refer a client who displays a serious mental health issue, I found three organisations to refer clients to.

As a result of all the activities I have undertaken in this module I have a much better understanding of the counselling process and the skills a counsellor needs. Communication skills are at the top of the list in importance. I have learned that counselling is about helping a client find their own solutions to their issues and is not about giving the client your advice. During the workshop for this module, I was able to put into practice the skills I have been learning about this term. I have to say I enjoyed the experience immensely, meeting all of my fellow students and seeing the different approaches and styles was a great learning experience. Having learnt counselling interview skills, I feel I have the tools for becoming a good counsellor in the future and I am looking forward to learning even more.

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