Cotton & textiles Essay

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Cotton & textiles

Cotton is one of the most versatile textiles in the world. It’s lightweight and breathable, and it’s a natural fabric, easy to make and manufacture. It’s especially used to make very casual sort of clothing, easy pieces that look relaxed and not too uptight. While some variations of cotton textile are made with polyester to make cotton less wrinkly, consumers still opt for 100% cotton because of it being comfortable.

India, the second biggest producer of cotton in the world will most probably get a 10% increase in their cotton production this year. Farmers have increased the crop area of the product to benefit from record domestic prices by 5% from the 9.4 million hectare crop area, and the government increased the floor price of cotton by 48% for the 10 million farmers who produce the crop. It is expected that the yearly yield of cotton will increase as well.

While the news of India’s cotton production increasing is more economic than fashion-centered, it is also important to note that one of the most common and useful textile will have more products made out of it this year, while its mostly made for more casual wear or clothes for the more sensitive-skinned, it can inspire new designs or outfits because it’ll be more common to see cotton fabrics in the market.

 It’s good to know that more natural fabrics like cotton are being produced more nowadays, because natural fabrics are more environment-friendly and do not have to be exposed to much chemical or mechanical manipulation to be created. Cotton is truly one of those textiles that will always be easy to love as being comfortable and fashionable, so getting more of them can never be a bad thing.

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