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Cosmos Episode 4

What does William Herschel mean when he tells his son there is a “sky full of ghosts”?
The stars are dead by the time the light reaches earth

How fast does light travel in space?
186k per second

Why do we see the sun before it is over the horizon?
Earth’s atmosphere bends the sun’s rays

How far away is Neptune from the Earth?
4 hours

How long would it take the Voyager Spacecraft to reach the nearest star in our galaxy?
80k years

How far away from Earth is the center of the Milky Way Galaxy?
30k light years

How far away is the oldest galaxy we’ve ever discovered?
13.4 billion light years

Why does now one know what happened before the Big Bang?
No evidence survived

How long after the Big Bang did it take for stars to form?
millions of years

Who discovered field forces that act on us even when we’re not touching other objects?
Michael Faraday

How fast do waves move through space, as calculated by James Maxwell?
the speed of light

Why did Einstein’s family move from Germany to Northern Italy?
his father’s business failed

What two things did the book Einstein read as a kid discuss on the first page?
the speed of electricity through wires and the speed of light through space

What did Einstein call the rules that must be obeyed when traveling at high speeds?
principles of motion

What is the name of the man Neil deGrasse Tyson calls one of the greatest scientists you’ve probably never heard of and what did he discover?
John Mitchel black hole

What happened to the fire hydrant when it was exposed to 100,000g?
it became crushed by its own weight

What is the name of the first black hole ever discovered and how did we see it?
Sygness x1 used xray light

Why does Neil deGrasse Tyson call black holes the subway system of the universe?
because they can transport you somewhere else

What type of time travel did John Herschel invent?

What is the date that Heil deGrasse Tyson met Carl Sagan in Ithaca, New York?
December 20, 1975


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