Cosmopolitanism and People Essay

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Cosmopolitanism and People

The Internet is playing a very important role in the evolution of digital technology, but although it has seen remarkable growth over the last few years, its dispersion remains highly asymmetric. It is widely believed that the so called information age will bring radical change and improvement, and countries all over the world are busy with constructing the necessary infrastructure, the “information superhighways,” in order to meet the challenges of the information society of the twenty-first century. Kwame Anthony Appiah’s essay “Making Conversation” tell us about human’s conversation is better expressing themselves in person. Marshall Poe said in his article “The Hive” talks about the evolution of Wikipedia and how people are interacting online. The internet serves a purpose for research, schoolwork, and connections. However, the result from the internet age is loosing communication,lack of social interaction, and the unreliable nature of websites.

First, Communication is key with success, however because of the internet age the ability to communicate face to face is dwindling.“Making Conversation” by Appiah is an idea on the expression cosmopolitanism and the feeling people in any nation have to take in order to achieve cosmopolitanism and globalization. Appiah wants to be citizen in the world not to separate by culture because people can learn each other different culture from other countries. Appiah said “One is the idea that we have obligations to others, obligations to others, obligations that stretch beyond those to whom we are related by the ties of kith and kind, or even the more formal ties of shared citizenship. The other is that we take seriously the value not just of human life but of particular human lives, which means taking an interest in the practices and beliefs that lend them significance” (Appiah 69).

People learn from other cultures, with communication and with having an open mind. If People are closed off to new ideas from other cultures and we we will never grow. Communication is the most important one topic because people communicate no matter what we need communication to express ourselves to others. Appiah said it is more important to communicate one another in person instead of using other networks. The conversation is the first important step to understand others. People of other cultures will then learn to accept the beliefs of others and by “changing our minds”, Appiah makes it clear that conversing with people does not often begin with agreeing on a set of principles, but rather exchanging our ideas and learning from another one.

Eventhough, the internet can be helpful with education, it can also be unreliable. However, “The Hive” by Marchall Poe, was the openness of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that anyone can use it. This might work for some people specially that ones who attend school or college. This is very helpful for them because in Wikipedia you can search or find anything you would like. Since anyone can write, or delete or use information off of Wikipedia, it makes it less controversial because anyone can put their input into the website. If don’t agree with something, that’s alright because you can add your own opinion. Poe describes how authors of certain wiki pages write with a bias to support their facts. Facts become opinions when feelings and emotions of bias get involved. “Instead of relying on experts to write articles according to their expertise, Wikipedia lets anyone write about anything” (Poe 349).

It means people are free to write whatever they want and they feel so others could see and write their opinions. This concept is important because it allows the author to give a good explanation on why this kind of group could work well with society. Wikipedia was created to help with learning. This is important because the people behind Wikipedia want us to learn more and to have better knowledge. The whole idea of Wikipedia is so people can post whatever they want and when they want. Every single day people are posting and reading others comments and having opinions. Wikipedia is so successful. Lastly, when working on a research project, using these websites can add some quick insight at hand. “The cathedral “and “The Bazaar” are the biggest difference between Nupedia and Wikipedia is how the information is edited. With Nupedia, people who would submit articles would have to wait for it to be published because it what is reviewed by editors.

The process took loads of time. People behind Wikipedia, can post something and it is reviewed by a never ending amount of people and therefore because of the sites popularity, posts can easily be weeded out. Nupedia was designed to be more professional and they tried to find knowledgeable scholars to oversee the site, and all the entries would be written by experts and those pieces would be read and revised by another group of scholars. Wikipedia is for anyone who wishes to add an article for something they specialize in. It could be something as simple as a definition or a more extensive article. They are posted and then other readers can edit the pieces if they discover incorrect information. This difference helps us understand why Poe named his subheadings the Cathedral and the Bazaar.

A cathedral is very organized and has very district, intelligent leaders who oversee the operations. “There was simply no question in his mind that Nupedia would be Guided by a board of experts, that submissions would be largely written by experts, and that articles would be published only after extensive peer review” (353) This means only post that are actually true would be seen by an editor and be publish. Nupedia has very neat guidelines, and is overseen by professionals. A Bazaar, is much more casual and is usually a market that contains a large variety of items. Wikipedia has very few guidelines and has lots of types of information on millions of subjects.

In summary, the result from the internet age is loosing communication,lack of social interaction, and the unreliable nature of websites. Wikipedia is helping the humanity to express their feeling and be seem by others and have opinions. Nupedia is seemed by experts where they can see if it’s true or not to be published. The information has to have credibility to be valid without sacrificing human interaction.

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