Cosmopolitanism Essay Topics

Andrew Linklater & cosmopolitanism

Andrew Linklater, an eloquent exponent of the promise of this type of cosmopolitanism, says that he is interested in ‘the social bonds which join and separate associate and disassociate’ (Linklater 1998a: 2). He points out that, ‘with the rise of the nation-state, one identity was chosen and made central to contemporary political life. Shared national… View Article

What is meant by the term cosmopolitanism?

The initiative of cosmopolitanism was invented in response to the decline of local authority in ancient Greece and the advent of the Hellenistic period. This was a period of great disruptions, conquests, and uncertainty. The limited bonds of trust that had linked clients to patrons were dissolved together with the power of the cities. “The… View Article

Cosmopolitanism: Cultures

The essay “Making Conversation” by Kwame Antony Appiah is a reflection on the term “cosmopolitanism” and the steps people in any nation have to take in order to achieve “cosmopolitanism” and “globalization”. He brings up the point of how all cultures have their similarities and differences and in most cases these differences are so different… View Article