Cosmic Creations Myths Across Culture Essay

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Cosmic Creations Myths Across Culture

Many Christians have a very vague idea about the collection of the Old- Testament. The Old-Testament books are stories of the most famous myths. The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) is a book of Hebrew text, assemble by Jewish scholars of the seventh to tenth centuries A. D. It also contains two stories of creation. In addition, the book of Genesis is known as the book of creation of humankind. The book is also believes to be written during the reign of King Solomon and known as possessing two authors. The first story of creation states that, “In the beginning God creates the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1:1 – 2:4, is the story of creation in six days and resting on the seventh. The emphasis of this story is the creation of order out of chaos. The second author speaks of the creator of humankind, “Yaweh. ” This story focuses more on human temptation and punishment. The creator, Yahweh made the heavens and the earth. It is said that Yahweh took dust from the moist land and shapes it into the shape of man. He breathes the breath of life into man and he comes to life. Yahweh is the creator of all things from the Garden of Eden, to the rivers that flow from the four corners of the world.

He is also the creator of the Garden of Eden, the tree of life, and the tree knowledge of good/evil. One day after watching man, he decides that man should have a help-mate. He causes man to fall into a deep sleep and remove one of his ribs, creating woman. The man was Adam (earth or clay) and the woman name was Eve (life). The myth goes on to state how Adam and Eve eats the apple from the tree of knowledge after the serpent deceives them. In addition, eating the apple opens their eyes to the knowledge of good and evil. They are then ban from the Garden of Eden. Yahweh curses the serpent, Adam, and Eve.

He places a half-human, half-lion creature with wings at the gates to keep them out. The emphasis of this story, generally agrees to be the older story of the two, is on the development of the problem of evil and what its origins are. Another recognizes the division of the two accounts; the first gives details accountable for the whole creation whereas the second one is focuses on the creation of man. The world consists of many myths like the universal flood. The universal flood, from the book Genesis: Chapter six-eight, is a world- wide historical myth. The Book of Genesis, believe to be written by Moses, is an interesting myth.

The Old-Testament states that the earths receives rain for 40 days and 40 night to exterminate all of mankind. Liberal Christians believe the legendary Noah’s flood is just a spiritual myth. However, the Conservative Christians, believe the book of Genesis was written by Moses under the inspiration of God. Interpretations of the ark, plays an important role in early Christian doctrine. They believe the worldwide flood happens just as Moses records it. That God gives Noah instructions for building the ark: it is to be of gopher wood with the inside and out with pitch.

There were three decks, one door (in the side) and a window 18 inches high probably running around the top of the vessel under the roof. It was about 450-feet, long by 75-feet in beam, and 45- high. The creation of the ark is to protect those who would reproduce the earth. The supernatural myth is that all humans and animals will be extent, except for those who made it to safety on the ark: two or seven animals of each “kind,” and Noah, his wife, and family. The universal flood was the largest genocide in history, involving the extermination of all almost every man, woman, youth, child, infant, and newborn.

Christians believe God intentionally triggers the physical processes that would lead to the extermination of all of the land animals and all but eight humans in the flood because of humanity’s sinful behavior. Typically liberal Christians of the Old-Testament, Noachian, Babylonian, and hundreds of other believe a myth. There are many links in some ways of the Old-Testament and the Babylonians historic flood. There is no source of sufficient water to produce a worldwide flood that covered the highest mountains. Even if it did happen, there is no place to which the flood waters could subside.

Genesis was written over an interval of many centuries by at least five author/editors. The universal flood story was derives from an earlier Babylonian myth by two of these authors. The Genesis flood myth is obviously base on an earlier Babylonian myth; there are many correspondences between the two legends. The Babylonian myth appears as an earlier legend that in turn, bases memories of the Black Sea catastrophe. The “Epic of Creation,” of the Babylonian, also known as Enuma Elish, dates to the second millennium B. C. Before anything had a name there was Aspu (sweet water) and Tiamet (salt –water).

With the creation between the two they begot Lahmu and Lahamu. With the joining of the gods create Ansha, Kishar, and Anu. As the creation proceeds through generations, there is creation of Ea and his brothers. Ea and his brothers cause disruptions and Aspu becomes furious. He plots with gods of the first generation to slew Ea and his brothers. However, Ea hears of the plot and kills Aspu first. Tiamet hearing of her husband death sends out an army of creatures she creates. She creates the Kingu, a leader for the creatures, to avenge Aspu death. Ea, however; has a plan of his own.

The myth states that Ea and Damkina create Marduk (Assur) to defend divine beings from the attack of Tiamet, the ocean goddess. Marduk propositions the gods and ensures their safety only if he becomes their supreme leader and forever. The gods agree that he would be their leader even after the treats pass. After agreeing to the terms Marduk slew Tiamet by ripping her body into two halves. These two halves became the earth and the sky. After the death of Tiamet the gods and Marduk in agreement and the creation of Babylon begin. Marduk creates the planets, stars, coordinate the moon, sun, and the -whether. In addition, Marduk becomes the sun.

He decides to relieve the gods of external labor by creating mankind. It is said he creates bones (from the monsters he slew), cover them with flesh and breaths the breath of life forever freeing gods work. In conclusion, many parallels with the Genesis, accounts for that some historians concluding that Genesis account was simply a rewriting of the Babylonian story. As a reaction, many who wants to maintain the uniqueness of the Bible, argues either that there is no real parallels between the two accounts or that the Genesis narratives are written first and the Babylonian myth copies the biblical account.

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