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Cosmetic Surgery Essay

Essay Topic:

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“The development of plastic surgery in recent years has opened larger opportunities for health care professionals to offer a wide range of services to its customers, while the growing popularity and high demand on the services of plastic surgeons stimulated the rapid development of this field of medicine worldwide.” according to Thompson (2011). “In fact,” he continued “nowadays, plastic surgery becomes accessible to a larger number of people and, instead of the elitist surgery available to only a limited number of people, plastic surgery become accessible to large number of patients.

” This means that cosmetic surgery becomes more popular and available for people in developing and developed countries to be able to have those kind of services for their desires. On the one hand, cosmetic surgery brings happiness to people who have the right cosmetic surgery. On the other hand, it also influences many negative results from those actions. Many people take the advantages from this to satisfy their demand but they are totally wrong decisions to do that.

Negative results to teenagers

Teenagers are not allowed to do cosmetic surgery as they are not growing up properly. “There were 174,851 cosmetic surgeries done on teenagers that were 18 years old or younger in 2005” a study from Harvard University wrote about Teenagers with Cosmetic Surgery in 2010. This number shows that teenagers trend to get a beautiful body. Parents should pay more attention to their children and be their consultant for them before they have operation. The writer also claimed that: “I believe that cosmetic surgery should not be the ultimate answer for teenagers. I agree with the critics of cosmetic surgery that say teenagers are not old enough to make such a mature decision and that there needs to be more guidelines that will help stop most of them from making a wrong decision”.(“Teens and Cosmetic Surgery”).

Health Risks

People who have cosmetic surgery, may die if they go with wrong doctors or lack of information before their operations. According to Alpert (2006), “People have risked and lost their lives and limbs, and suffered devastating disfigurement and scarring as a result of plastic surgery gone wrong. The worst outcomes are rare, but risk is nonetheless a reality.” After the cosmetic surgery, patients’s healths’ will be affected. Moreover they may have risks to get some disease of blood, heart attacks

Psychology issues

How do you feel if your friends or neighbors keep gossip about your comestic surgery? And what do you think if your boyfriend or girlfriend get jealous or upset with the attraction from you to people? John, an psychologist expert from University of Washington indicated that: “Depression, increased stress, feelings of disappointment, shame, or embarrassment can become issues when a cosmetic procedure fails to resolve the issues that motivated the individual to have the procedure.” It is important to understand that while cosmetic surgery can bring you some rewards, it will not change your life, your problem or your relationship. There is nothing called physical perfection.

Unsatisfactory Results

Based on the research from Stanford University in 2008, not every surgery is successful. The unsuccessful surgery is very subjective. Unsatisfactory results may leave pain or patients may think about the next cosmetic surgery operation.


In conclusion, cosmetic surgery leads to many problems in the future that could affect you physically and mentally. Let think very carefully and consider about the negative results you may have before you get the cosmetic surgery. In my opinion, a happy life can not come from the cosmetic surgery. People will respect you from your inner beauty. Be you are and be yourself. Let try to have a healthy life by improving yourself, learn how to treat people well, do exercises and enrich your knowledge about society and the world. For sure you will have a wonderful life then

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