Corruption in local government Essay

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Corruption in local government

Corruption simply means dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those who are in power. Corruption is the evil which lead to the economic social and moral problems of a country. The man is greedy in nature so that’s why he desire more and more and for achieving his desire, sometime he chooses the path which is against his moral standards we have so many examples of corrupt people in the world. Corruption is the mother of all evils.

Corruption has done a deplorable situation in the country. There are various forms of corruption such as bribery, nepotism and extortion which is deeply penetrated in our social system. There are many types of corruption like Political corruption, Systematic corruption, Organizational corruption, Judiciary corruption, Social corruption and many others. In Pakistan all these types of corruption have been done.

Corruption has become very common thing in our social and political culture. All the important individuals of the society like Government and private employees are involved in corruption. The rising level of corruption has given many problems like depression ad sense of insecurity. Every department is involved in corruption. Due to corruption common people are deprived of their basic rights. Corruption can only be eradicated if there are honest people on senior government seats.

These days Pakistan is in terrible situation because there is too much corruption in Pakistan. Every department is corrupt and not performing their duty with honesty. Due to this evil of corruption people cannot get their basis rights. The funds and money that should be spend to provide facilities to the people, they are gone in corruption. The development projects are incomplete due to corruption.

Corruption has many bad effects in the lives of common people. There are many effects of corruption. Corruption give birth to many evils in the society and causing many problems to the country and the citizens of the county some of them are listed like It leads…

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