Corruption Free Society Essay Essay

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Corruption Free Society Essay

Corruption is silently eating into the vitals of our nation like termite. Bit by bit, it is denting our dignity and compromising our soul. Not only does it affect individuals like you and me but alarmingly it affects our nation as a whole. Imagine our nation slowly transforming into a nation of scoundrels and imbeciles. The odds, that next person you meet on the street, having either asked for or having paid a bribe, are getting higher by the day. All this exhibits a problem that is not going anywhere soon and mocks the high moral ground that we aspire to occupy in the international arena. Corruption has afflicted all the organs of our society including the polity, bureaucracy, judiciary, police, businessmen, and even public at large.

It has rendered our governance apparatus hollow and ineffective. Countless efforts to combat corruption have not made any significant dent into this hydra headed monster. It simply keeps growing bigger & bigger, consuming new and old alike. Things have come to such a pass that it is much more difficult for an honest person to survive in the system while the dishonest are clearly made to feel at home. Such a system forces even fresh recruit to quickly fall in line and creates a vicious circle that promotes corruption. So how do we break this vicious circle? This forum aspires not just to discuss & vent pent up anger. It also aims to become a means for gauging the level of Corruption in society. One of the primary reasons for Corruption to flourish is the utter secrecy associated with it. Everyone knows it is there but no one talks about it. Lets start talking about it, right here.

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