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Corrupt society Essay

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In chapter twenty-four we learn that Jaggers treats every human interaction as it was in a court of law. Jaggers made a strong impression on Pip when Pip asked for some money, “Mr Jaggers never laughed … with his large head bent down and his eyebrows joined together, awaiting an answer, he sometimes caused his boots to creak, as if they laughed in a dry and suspicious way. ” This shows that Jaggers is cold and that he hides his emotions. We also learn more information about the casts.

Wemmick told Pip, “These are two celebrated ones. Famous clients of ours that got us a world of credit.

” The man was a person that murdered his master and did not get executed. The man then died later in New Zealand. Also, we find out that Wemmick is fond of jewellery. Wemmick gets the jewellery from the executed. “I always take ’em,” he told Pip, “Get hold of portable property. ” This shows the reader that Wemmick doesn’t mind taking a dead man’s possessions.

At the start of chapter twenty-six we see Jaggers washing his hands, “My guardian was in the room, washing his hands with scented soap. ” He did this as he entered the office as if he was washing himself clean of his clients.

We also meet Molly (Jaggers’ housekeeper) as Pip is invited to Jaggers’ house for dinner. Molly was once in love with the convict (Magwitch) and turns out to be Estella’s mother. Pip also sees some carved garlands when he enters the house. He says, “I know what kind of loops they reminded me of. ” These loops have many possible meanings. This could mean that Jaggers also takes jewellery from the dead as well as Wemmick. However, these loops could also be the loops of rope that were used to hang the people he worked for. Also, the loops could have been bought using the money from the dead.

In chapter fifty-one we learn that Jaggers is not heartless. Pip tells Jaggers that he knows who Estella’s parents are. Jaggers knows that her mother is Molly but does not know who is the father, “So you know who the young lady’s father, Pip? ” Jaggers asks Pip. Estella’s father is Magwitch. Pip then tells Wemmick, “I know you to be a man with a gentle heart. I have seen your pleasant home, and your old father, and all the innocent cheerful playful ways with which you refresh your business life. ” After that Jaggers laugh which is very unlike him. Jaggers realises that Wemmick leads two lives just like himself.

Jaggers then tells Pip his side of Estella’s story when he rescues Estella from her mean beginnings. This shows that Jaggers seems to have a conscience and a moral sense. However, this chat was very unprofessional so Jaggers and Wemmick were glad when a poor client walked in and they started to turn on him. Wemmick as Jaggers’ clerk shadows his master and is compared to a pillar box but is very different when he is at home with his old father. He never shows emotions when he is at work as he sees it as being unprofessional and Jaggers would not like it if he showed emotions at work.

I think Wemmick is a very emotional man at home but tries to lock up his feelings at work and does a very good job of it. Dickens shows a disillusioned approach to society in which al of the great expectations become false. I think this is because Dickens thinks that society is disillusioned and that great expectations for him personally have never become true. Jaggers works in this society but he tries to keep himself clean from it. I think this is shown greatly in chapter twenty six, “My guardian was in the room, washing his hands with scented soap.

” He is trying to keep himself clean in a dirty society. Charles Dickens wants to do the same and make himself have a better life. This makes Jaggers like Charles Dickens. They both wanted to try to change the world. They both use words and are both powerful. Dickens uses words to state how bad the world is and Jaggers is very blunt when he speaks and always gets to the point. I think Charles Dickens is very much like Jaggers. Charles Dickens is very low at this time. Jaggers’ character of involvement and disengagement with society reflects this.

Jaggers is very lonely as he sees most other people to be too poor and lower class than him in a dirty and corrupt society where he feels he does not belong. Charles Dickens was also very lonely with his wife which made him have an affair with Ellen Ternan. The book is about how empty these great expectations turn out to be. Jaggers shows the central idea of what you can do with a corrupt society. Jaggers knows how bad the corrupt society is but he is always trying his best to improve it whatever way he can. Jaggers also becomes powerful as many people are scared of him as he is a very good and powerful lawyer.

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