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The novels by Ray Bradbury

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Both novels Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick addressed problems in a corrupt society. In one world the firemen didn’t put out fires they actually started them outside of the homes of people who were caught reading books. The books were seen as a problem and made people hostile and gave them wicked ideas. Also so many people stopped reading because they were afraid of it. The books were symbolized as feelings that the people couldn’t understand.

They were thought to give them rebellious ideas that would cause their society greater problem. However, not having books hindered them because in a way where everybody molded into one person and nobody could think for themselves. In the novel, the government that was in place was run by the fireman who started fires in homes of the people who went against the rules. There are times when I realize that there is more to this world than the people and places around me.

In Fahrenheit 451, the main character Guy Montag states “But they all say the same things and nobody says anything different from anyone else” . There is some sort of repetition in what people have to say in the world. To each individual, it may seem important but they don’t realize that someone in another state is saying the same thing. Have I ever taken out the time to actually listen to nature and the people around me? Not really, but at the same time I know of many others who haven’t either.

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Bradbury described fluently the characters in his novel.

Montag’s wife Mildred was portrayed as what I would call a snob but she is Bradbury’s idea of a citizen who has conformed to society. She asked Montag about when they will be able to put in other “wall set” because it will improve their status as a couple in their society. She doesn’t realize how she is living her life based on what others expect of her. Montag see’s how things have started to change and how he doesn’t want to go along with them. Sometimes I find myself looking long and hard into a mirror to make sure that I don’t slip into society’s grip of materialism.

Just like in the end of Fahrenheit 451 Granger says to Montag “Come on now, we’re going to build a mirror factory first and put out nothing but mirrors for the first year and take a long look in them”. These two men who once conformed to society now realized that they have changed and needed to see who they have become. I think it is important for everybody to have revelations like this. In the other world, Philip K. Dick created a society of humans and androids that are confused, paranoid and so lost to even notice how to move forward in life.

In this world, having a certain kind of real, authentic pet is a sign of a person’s status. Rick says to his neighbor, “But for you to have two horses and me none, that violates the whole basic theological and moral structure of Mercerism”. Rick is caught up in this world where he has a fake, electric sheep and he feels an uncertain pressure from society to have a real animal. The whole society feels that this religion will save them. Everybody belongs to this religious cult known as Mercerism. They believe that Mercer always knows what is right and will test them to make them better people.

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