Corrections Accreditation Essay

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Corrections Accreditation

Corrections Accreditation this is a system of verification that correctional agencies and facilities comply with national standards promulgated by the American Association. Accreditation Correction, which developed the national stand to be used in granting organization accredited status, accreditations officially began in 1978. In essence it measures the organizations compliance with nationally accepted standard in the field, as maintained by the accreditation program. (Ch. 8 p179) I feel that corrections accreditation affect the professional development of the correction officers in a good way, this helps the officer to develop skills on a higher level, special training as well as high qualities of head and heart makes a good prison or reformatory officer. While accreditation seek comparable status for their employing organization, accreditation help set the standard for training both operational and management level positions. (Ch. 8 p178)

Privatization is a private operated prison that houses prisoners for a profit; it’s closely related to other important issues in corrections over the last past two decades, the role of the private corporation in correction or more specifically, the private operation of secure prisons and jails. In 1980, no secure privately operated jails or prisons existed in America. By 2001, about 150-100 prisons and jails were open for business hold about 120,000 prisoner, or 6 percent of the jail and prison population. (Ch8 p 192) There is not much of a different when comparing privatized prisons to state and federal prisons, a lot of the private operate the same way and sometime mimic the state and federal prisons, they appear to perform at the same level of efficiency as the public facilities, although they tend to house a higher proportion of minimum-custody inmates in relatively new facilities, private prisons tend to have the staffing patterns, provide the same level of work, education and counseling program, so I would have to say that the private prison meet the criteria well. (ch 8 p189) The private prisons have an effect on both the state and federal prisons, with funding and financial problems a lot of businesses feel the economic bite, but not the private prison systems.

These institutions are run for the purpose of turning of a profit, state and federal prisons are contracted out to private companies who are paid a fixed amount to house each prisoner per day, their profits result from spending the minimum amount of state or federal fund on each inmate, only to pocket the remaining capital, the more inmate the more money.(Global Some of the way that the industry leader plan to better correctional officers professionalization and accreditation is to educate, training, and better training programs, all of this are key parts in professionalization. I feel that if they take some of the money that make and put back into the training programs this would be helpful for the institution in the outcome of furture of young officer, corrections accreditation help set the sandards for the professionalism and operation of prisons.

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