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Essays on Corporate World

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The discourse of Corporate Finance

Introduction This report contains two case studies in the discourse of Corporate Finance, more specifically capital investment strategy. The cases are applied on the fictional company Victoria Chemicals and are divided into (A): “The Merseyside Project and Victoria Chemicals” and (B): “The Merseyside and Rotterdam project”. The cases are picked from the book “Case Studies in Finance – managing for Corporate Value Creation” written by Robert. F. Bruner. Background Victoria Chemicals is a fiction company that processes polypropylene. The company…...

 The Separate Entity Doctrine

“It is a basic doctrine of company law: that for certain purposes a company is a legal entity separate from the legal persons who became associated for its formation or who are now its members and directors. For certain purposes, there is a corporate screen around the members and directors. This is often referred as to the ‘Veil of Incorporation.’ The authority for that proposition is the leading case of Salomon v Salomon & Co Ltd [1897] AC 22. The…...

Coca-Cola versus Pepsi-Cola: Competitive Strategies

Coca-Cola (Coke) and Pepsi-Cola (Pepsi) have been the most popular soft drinks for many years, and has also been each other’s biggest competitor. Coke was created in 1885 by John Stith Pemberton, a pharmacist, and was initially made as a tonic (Smith, 2012). In the beginning, Coke had cocaine in it, which was to fight depression and also make consumers addicted to the drink. In 1904, the Food and Drug Administration eliminated the use of cocaine, a key ingredient, in…...

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Corporate Philanthropy

Introduction In an increasingly competitive global environment, businesses are challenged with demands for profitability and responsibility. To create value for all stakeholders, corporate leaders meet these demands with integrated strategic philanthropic programs. More and more companies encourage and embrace greater collaboration and cooperation between corporations and communities. I. The competitive advantage of corporate philanthropy In this first part, we will demonstrate that usually businesses that choose to employ corporate giving attitude benefit in many different ways from their actions. *…...

Ethical Issues and Problems in Business and the Corporate World: Sexual Harassment

Strike, Inc. is a well known company in the field of Infotech (IT). It has actually been the main and main manufacturer of instructional software application and business operational development like database filing, computerized payroll system, and hardware created swipe device and upc code system. Jeffrey Jacobs, the manager, has been working for the company for nearly 25 years. His knowledge in system application and development made him the best and the most proficient in the supervisory position. He is…...

Wal-Mart Core Competencies Explained

With a market in 69 different banners and in 27 countries, Wal-Mart is one of the biggest corporations of our time. All of Wal-Mart’s success has been received by the core competencies that the corporation holds within them. Wal-Mart has become one of our world’s largest and cheapest retailers all over the world, which is only part of how and why Wal-Mart is one of the greatest corporations in our society and world today. Wal-Mart can contribute its success to…...

Salomon vs Salomon Case Study

Abstract Aaron Salomon was a successful leather merchant who specialized in manufacturing leather boots. For many years he ran his business as a sole trader. By 1892, his sons had become interested in taking part in the business. Salomon decided to incorporate his business as a Limited Company, Salomon & Co. Ltd.At the time the legal requirement for incorporation was that at least seven persons subscribe as members of the company i.e. as shareholders. Mr. Salomon himself was managing director.…...

Technological Change and the Evolution in Corporate World

Abstract Today's corporate world is competitive and in order to stay ahead it requires organisations to engage in multiple projects. Largely from the perspective of network economics we look into a specific range of economic studies on competition, innovation and technological change with a view to relating theories, models and ideas on how best to analyze the impact of innovation and market dynamics on scale and scope of network industries. Innovation has a major network inducing effect, so has competition.…...

Organisational Culture in a Corporate World

Organisational culture can be defined as " the collective programming of the mind that distinguishes the members of one organisation from another" (Hofstede,2005,282). An organisation's culture, however is also influenced by all the persons that interact with it ( customers, media, authorities). In BP's case (one of the five largest oil companies in the world and United Kingdom's largest corporation, being familiar to most people due to their 16 400 service stations around the world) culture was negatively influenced by…...

Judiciary vs Corporate World

Lifting the corporate veil often presents the judiciary with extremely hard choices as to where the loss as a whole should lie. Moreover, the courts have a hard decision when it comes to treating the company as a separate legal entity on one side of the coin, but maintaining justice and ensuring accountability on the other. In this way, and through the use of case law to strengthen this discussion, over time the judiciary have swung from strictly applying the…...

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