Corporate social responsibility Essay

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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is an important concept and occurs in a majority of international and global business firms. However, while adherence to CSR is found to highly prevalent in western companies, research confirms that Asian countries do not have appropriate policies and programs related to CSR, with the exception of Japan, which has begun to show a keen interest in CSR (Welford, 2004).

According to a survey by Welford (2004), Asian countries like Singapore and Hong Kong reported reduced practices of fair wage structures, normal working hours and maximum overtime structures. Despite having policies on non-discrimination and trade practices, Singapore companies do not have appropriate policies with regard to human rights within organizations which rank it low on CSR. Even Malaysia was found to be low on human rights with only 14. 3% of organization stating that they had a written policy to that effect.

Child labour (42. 9%) and local protection (28. 6%) laws were found to be lowest in Malaysia while Honk Kong ranked lowest with regard to external CSR policies regard Fair trade (6. 3%) and second lowest with regard to indigenous people (6. 3%). However, Malaysia had showed no instances of policies concerning indigenous people with a striking (0%). Human rights issues were also found unimportant in most Asian countries especially Malaysia with 14. 3% and Hong Kong with 25 %.

In relation to campaigns, Malaysia and Singapore recorded no instances of policies (0%), while Honk Kong and Singapore ranked considerably low with regard to education and third party interests. Thus, from the above results and discussion it is apparent that Malaysia, Honk Kong and Singapore are not very strong proponents of CSR policies. References Welford Richard (2005). Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe, North America and Asia 2004 Survey Results. Journal of Corporate Citizenship 17.

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