Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means that a corporation should be held accountable for any of its actions that affect people, their communities, and their environment.

Actually, MTR has been implementation of CSR. Since 1993, MTR staff will use their spare time to contribute to society, spontaneously organize and participate in volunteer activities.

In 2005, MTR has also set up a volunteer program, to provide support for employees. The the MTR at “railway people, railway Heart” volunteers plan to participate in 86 community projects and participate in volunteer up to 1,800 people and 12,000 recipients. The target includes the elderly, low-income families, the physically disabled, mentally retarded persons and other people in need.

MTR not only set up a volunteer program, but also provide free rides promotions for elderly. Moreover, MTR organized 17 work-life balance seminars and 8 value creation seminars.

In addition, MTR in 2005 to help establish the first Charter of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Charter), served as one of its founder members. It formulates the first MTR corporate social responsibility guidelines, as well as the establishment of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility policy Steering Committee.

You can see that, MTR held accountable for Hong Kongers of its actions. The vision of MTR is that care services, linking and building community to become an internationally recognized business pioneer. And, we think MTR been efforts to implement. However, MTR can do it better.

Some of peoples said that MTR held accountable for Hong Kongers of its actions is insufficiency. Although MTR is Limited Corporation, the largest shareholder still is government. Thus, MTR belong public goods, it must be emphasized that the public welfare at first. Because of it, parts of public think that MTR should do more to maintain or improve our public welfare.

The most people displeasure MTR is the fare should decrease or reduce to provide cheaper ticket for public as MTR earn much money each year. It should give some feedback to public. MTR owns along the real estate development projects, the total assets more than three hundred billion dollar. MTR offer concessions to passengers, such as short-term fare concessions “ten get one free”, but this small favors obviously not been accepted by the public. We think that MTR should think more about public and to listen to the views of the public, and make the appropriate action or respond. MTR is a large public company; it should not just focus on economic profit and ought to look out the needs of public. If not, public will procession to express their dissatisfaction because MTR do not held accountable for Hong Kongers of its actions.

The impact of CSR on the company’s economic profit is very small, or not even. The most popular debate of CSR is that CSR will make the company lowers economic efficiency and profit as the business need to use extra resources for social purposes. But, it is not be applicable on MTR. It is because MTR not only provide transport services, it also have other business, such as investment in housing. Therefore, the profit of MTR is very large. Even though it use some resource to implement CSR, it will not affect its profit. Conversely, it will aroused public discontent if MTR have not implement its CSR as MTR is a big company and earn a lot of money from public, it should do something for public.

On the other hand, it may affect its image as public think that MTR just focus on economic profit without their public welfare. Although MTR always build its image via TV, but parts of people think that it is not enough. They do not just want the promotion and they want the real action, like decrease the fare. People are not easy to deceive. If MTR not listen and ameliorate its actions, plan or behavior, it will increase the displeasure of public and affect its image. People will adopt a more radical behavior to express their dissatisfaction when it does not have any improve. And, it will affect its reputation.

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