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A Copyright it the sole privilege of the owner to duplicate or allow someone else to duplicate their work. Items that can be copyrighted are anything that one creates including but not limited to literary work such as articles, stories and even computer programs. Along with any graphics, pictures, music, song lyrics, screenplays and movies can also be copyrighted by their owner or creator. If there is a question if something is copyrighted it more than likely is copyrighted and you will need permission to use it if not that is considered copyright infringement which is wrong and punishable by law.

Something as simple as printing a Web page, downloading a picture, printing and image even copy the HTML, JavaScript is considered infringement and against the law. If you chose to copy code from a Web site you must show the original author respect by properly citing the material and following necessary steps. You do so by asking for permission to use their material.

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To use text or an image from a Web site you just need to contact the owner and explain what you would like to use the text or image for and then ask to use it.

No matter if an image or text does not have a copyright notice or not it is still covered by the copyright laws, (J Kyrnin 2012) It is important to protect your own images and text as well. To protect your images and text create a copyright notice for you Web site.

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Images can have watermarks among different copyright details using a unique software program. Companies such as Digimarc have created a technology that enables you to watermark images and the back ground for text.

The watermark cannot be adjusted or changed by the user of the image or text. Even though browsers all for the copying of information it is important to never use another person works without notifying them and receiving their consent to use their material. It is crucial that you ask for the permission to use anything created by someone else on the Web and that you properly cite your sources for the information.

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