Coping Up With Population Growth In Developing Countries Essay

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Coping Up With Population Growth In Developing Countries

Indeed, it is a fact that over a billion people in developing nations lives in households that have too little land to meet even their own needs for food and fuel. But it is also a fact that there are a lot of options that an individual could consider to meet such problems regarding the deficiency of resources. In choosing the options, it is best to understood that there are benefits as well as consequences in each and every option that an individual would choose. Existing farms could be subdivided and redistributed. In this way, each and every individual would have a fair share of the land.

Everybody would have sufficient or enough piece of land that they could live in (Hall, 2005, p. 9). Everybody could have a land where they could build their homes, cultivate plants or domesticate animals. Subdividing farms and redistributing it signifies land reform for the poor. The problem in this option is that the farm owners would argue the right to own the farms privately. Commercial farmers or farm owners would also be affected negatively in this choice as their cultivated or domesticated land is shared with others.

In this option, it is important that the division of land is equal, private ownership should be limited. The problem is that, those who are in power, are the ones who take advantage of it and makes sure that they have a larger share of the land. Another option that could be taken includes the merge of all small inefficient farms into a larger cooperative farm that people could farm mutually. This solves the problem on the lands productivity. In this manner, people are empowered to work with the others.

Interaction that benefits everybody could be developed or improved in this option, as each and every individual would need to cooperate and relate advances or developments of the farm that they cultivate because whatever happens to the land, would affect everybody. The proper implementation of the cooperative, its goals and objectives, and the general assembly should be taken into a lot of consideration. If these things fail to have a strong structure, then the new larger cooperative farm would still be inefficient. Opening up a new land for agriculture could also be taken into consideration.

In this option, it is important that the arable lands and developed properly (Hall, 2005, p. 13). Today, lands are usually developed into commercial areas, or subdivisions. There seems to be no enough lands for agriculture because most lands are converted to provide area for the development of businesses. The poor would require help from the government, more specifically on the financial aspect. Putting up a land for agriculture requires tilling and sufficient cultivation of the land in order to render it best for planting.

Usually, the poor does not have the capacity or money to buy equipments to till new lands and develop it for agriculture. Furthermore, there are only few lands left, and most of the time, they are not fit for agriculture use. It is also important to understand that putting up a new land for agriculture takes time; it does not happen overnight. Looking for work in the cities or emigration to developed countries where opportunities are more readily available could also be taken into consideration.

The problem in this option is that, there would be a large flux of workers. The great flux of individuals looking for jobs would cause the production of larger number of wastes and the land in cities and developed countries would not be sufficient or enough for everybody to live in (What Is Human Migration? , 2005). Furthermore, not everybody could be accepted in a certain position and usually, the jobs offered in cities and in the other countries are not enough to fully employ the number of unemployed individuals.

In some cases, the individuals lack the necessary requirement to satisfy the standard of work in that city or country, rendering him inappropriate for the work and unaccepted in the work. The merge of inefficient farms would pose the highest chance of providing the resources, food or fuel, which the poor individuals need. Furthermore, the poor individuals are the ones who are in control of the cooperative farm as they constitute the general assembly. Policy making is on their shoulders and the farmers’ interaction with the other farmers is greatly improved.

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