Coolest thing i ever did Essay

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Coolest thing i ever did

The coolest thing I’ve ever done or should I say the dumbest thing I ever done was run my mother’s car into our house. It was the end of summer starting my freshman year at Destrehan High School and I wanted to do something that would have made me seem cool to the kids around the neighborhood so I decided to steal my mother’s car. My mom owned a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder that she didn’t really use, usually just my step dad would use it to go to work and my mom used the truck so I didn’t see a problem with them riding together one morning so I can have the car for myself for the day.

One morning during the beginning of the week my step dad had set the key down on the table and it was just a key so I could have easily took it and have everyone else think he misplaced it. For two days straight my parents was looking for the key and I acted as though I had no idea of what they was looking for but he just used the spare key. The third day I woke up and I looked out my window and I saw the car outside knowing I still had the stolen key under my mattress.

I was a little too anxious because I knew I had the car to myself and I couldn’t get caught for taking it. It was around eleven o’clock when I got up and went get in the car. A free adventure I took and I thought I was a grown driver driving on the road with other drivers but I wasn’t it was very illegal but I didn’t care… I felt cool. An hour went by and I traveled all over Destrehan I felt like my cool patch should have been given to me that day because it took a lot out of me to do something that crazy. I arrived back to my place without being stopped by the police or pulling up to the truck in the driveway, I felt so bad even hammer couldn’t touch me. My step dad always parked the car really close to the end of the driveway so that was my goal to do, I pulled in, parked the car, and got out.

Then I realized I wasn’t close enough and they would have notice something funny. So I decided to get back in the car and park it correctly. Backing up I didn’t notice that I was that far away so I pushed on the gas because our driveway was more of a hill so I needed a little help getting up there. When I pushed the gas I went to fast and had hit the trash can that was in front the house, I thought it was funny and didn’t really worry about it because I could have switched it out with someone else’s. I got out and I noticed I parked the car correctly so that was a good thing but when I walked towards the trash can I heard some noise behind it and I saw that the front window was shattered, that’s when I realized things just got real. I started to panic and come up with lies to explain the window since the car didn’t look damage.

My friend Shawn came outside and stared making fun of me because he knew I was going to get in trouble. As he walked in my house to go get something to drink he noticed something that I should have took a look at. His exact words were “ umm Laci I think you should come take a look at this” I know I was inside but I couldn’t understand why I could see outside, that’s when I knew I was dead but I still felt cool for some reason. Explaining this to my mom wasn’t easy at all so I stayed a few feet away from her.

When my step dad arrived home he did a little bit more investigation and saw that not only did I brake the trash can, the window, and ran the car through the wall but I also smashed the hose pipe that was connected to the house inside the bricks so there was no water in the house at all. It took them a long time to forgive and trust me again and it also took a lot of butt whippings to relive all that anger out of my mom. Out of all that happened in that week in a weird way I still felt pretty cool for that since it was a fun story to tell to the class. So I am glad to say that was the dumbest, scariest, and coolest thing I ever done.

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