Cooking shows influencing cooking habits?

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Using your research from the websites and the TV cooking shows Write a page explaining: How Cooking Shows could influence people’s cooking, eating and shopping habits. ” Today we have access to more information than ever before, with our range of social media, websites and television, there are endless ways to find out new things. If you want to play the guitar, you simply type into YouTube ‘How to play the guitar’. Complicated things have been made so much easier just because you can press search and everything is literally at the tip of your fingers.

The skill of cooking is no different. It is easy to just tune into the large range of cooking shows that are on television these days and learn how to cook something that Manu Feildel would call “magnifique! ” Maybe not, but the cooking shows have been said to influence how someone cooks, eats and shops. But how? Cooking shows like MasterChef and My kitchen Rules encourage people to try new recipes and be more adventurous in the kitchen according to multiple surveys but the standing question is how?

I am sure that if you have ever watched one episode of My Kitchen Rules you have come across one ingredient or cooking appliance that you haven’t heard of or haven’t ever used.

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This can influence what they shop for and where they shop as their current local grocer may not have the ingredients they have seen on their favourite cooking show. For example, Harry and Christo a team that is currently on My Kitchen Rules this season cooked Pheasant for their last instant restaurant.

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I know for a fact that you cannot find Pheasant at the local Woolworths, if a person wanted to cook this particular bird they would have to venture out to a specialty butcher. Cooking habits and eating habits can change just from the advice that the celebrity chefs give the contestants while the viewers are listening. “You shouldn’t use too much salt with this dish”, “When Pheasant is overcooked, there is no bringing it back”, a quote from Pete Evans towards Harry and Christo’s pheasant. The person who is cooking the pheasant that they bought at the specialty butcher would keep this in mind.

The chefs on My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef are very strict on the presentation of dishes. While watching the cooking shows it makes me hungry or makes me want to be sick just by looking at the dish. This highly influences how people present their dishes and makes them aware of how important it is to serve dishes that look good. I can shamelessly say that the cooking shows on television these days have taught me many things about cooking that I need to know, while teaching me about new ingredients and appliances that make cooking that much easier.

So, the cooking shows that are now on television, in my opinion has influenced many people in the way that they eat, cook and shop and maybe one day the person with the perfectly cooked pheasant from the specialty butcher will serve their dish up to Manu Feildel and he will give them a 10 with a magnifique served on the side. Intro? In the past years, research has proven that the public are highly influenced in their cooking, eating and shopping habits by the cooking shows that are on television.

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Cooking shows influencing cooking habits?

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