Cook Essay Topics

Vector by Robin Cook

The novel Vector is basically about the concept of bioterrorism and the extent by which it can be utilized as a weapon of mass destruction. Allowing such weapon to fall into the wrong hands can be equated with devastation of unknown proportions, especially with the increasing discontent, poverty, limited resources and other problems plaguing the… View Article

My Path Through Culinary School

The basis of this essay is to explain my planned path through culinary school. I have always loved to cook and found my nitch in the kitchen. I plan to improve my culinary skills and techniques so that I may have a successful career. I have experienced different careers and a significant amount of job… View Article

Love for Cooking

Goal: In this paper I tried to open to different ideas to cooking opposed to giving directions about how to cook. I tried to provide each reason with two examples to give readers a better understanding about what food can really be about. Evaluation: I feel like I did good on the overview on covering… View Article