Conversion of units Essay Topics

A Degree for Meter Readers

South Illinois Electric Company is a Member-Owned, Non-Profit Service Organization whose mission is to provide our member-owners with competitively priced, reliable electricity, superior customer service and innovative solutions to enhance the quality of life in our communities. Organized in 1938 for the purpose of making electricity available to rural areas, South Eastern Illinois Electric Cooperative… View Article

Size of things

Chemistry – Unit 1 – Worksheet 5 Size of Things For this worksheet, you will need to go to the site – to answer the following questions. Part 1 – Real World Click on the link to Real World; make sure that you are looking at the sheet of graph paper. Each of the… View Article

Math Practice Lab

Math Practice Lab Pre-Lab Questions: 1. The rules concerning handling significant figures are as follows: When dividing/multiplying The answer has no more significant digits than the number with the fewest significant digits (the least precise figure). Round off after calculations have been performed. When adding/subtracting Answer has no more places than the addend, minuend, or… View Article


Problems Chapter 4 Problem 4-26 Moravia Company processes and packages cream cheese. The following data have been compiled for the month of April. Conversion activity occurs uniformly throughout the production process. 1) Analysis of physical flow of units. 2) Calculation of equivalent units. 3) Computation of unit costs. 4) Analysis of total costs. 5) Build… View Article