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Conversation Starter

Keeping pace with the rapidly growing health care industry has been a challenge for human resource (HR) professionals. Increasing health care costs, aging workforce primed for retirement over the next decade, and regulatory complexity will be prevalent challenges for human resources. (Minton-Eversole, 2011). Responding to the effects of health care reform, and counseling organizations on which actions to take are an unrelenting concern for management in human resources (Minton-Eversole, 2011). Health care providers are feeling the pressure as the industry moves to an accountable care model. With reimbursement contingent on patient satisfaction and safety, cost containment is more important than ever (Aberdeen Group, 2012). Providers are leaning on HR management to ensure their workforce is prepared to meet the challenges.

Identifying and promoting talent within the organization, formal succession planning, and leadership programs can give organizations the advantage in an ever-changing industry (Aberdeen Group, 2012). Recruitment and retention of competent, skilled candidates that meet mandatory staffing ratios adds to the list of challenges HR professional will face (Aberdeen Group, 2012). Lacking qualified applicants to fill positions within the organization, human resources have turned to training and development to heighten the skills of current qualified workforce, while offering desirable salary and benefits packages to retain young workers (Minton-Eversole, 2011). Anticipated changes in demographics and social conditions will greatly influence the approach taken by HR professionals with the millions of individuals reaching retirement age. (Minton-Eversole, 2011).

Many of these individuals in the workforce are not prepared financially for retirement; eliminating the chances for younger recruits to enter the profession (Minton-Eversole, 2011). Forecasted replacement needs will more than double the job openings created by economic growth between 2008-2018 (Minton-Eversole, 2011). Knowing where the retirements will occur, and if there will be sufficient resources to replace them, will be the imposing challenge (Minton-Eversole, 2011). Human resource departments are engaged actively in employing and development of the strategies that will influence the health care industry. Reducing costs, improving patient care as well as safety, recruitment and retention of qualified applicants will be unfeasible for health care providers without active HR management in the organization.

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