Contribution within the Game Essay

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Contribution within the Game

Joe’s contribution within the game was again very good, as his communication to others on his team was very good. He called very specifically where he wanted support and the ball from others. When defending Joe became a leader and organised his side to make sure that they were in the correct position at the right time. As I have said his awareness of space allowed him to gain and create distance by going through gaps that appeared. The support play of Joe was again excellent as he was always near the ball to help and when defending did his job to support the side.

In the position that Joe played in (Centre) he remained in his position and did the role that went with the position, as he didn’t get dragged out of position too much. But when he did he was quick to see the gap the he had left so quickly either communicated someone to cover for him or cover him. Suggestions how the performer might improve / modify Their performance of the skill/ technique. Joe needs to increase the consistency of his kicking this is due to the lack of timing of the kicking technique. It might be also to the technique that he uses to kick the ball.

When doing the practice he should ensure the he takes his time and doesn’t rush the technique of the kick. To improve the accuracy of the kicking with himself and a partner he should practice kicking to targets at different ranges and angles. When doing this he should ensure that his balance is correct and his body position is right when taking kicks. The position of the ball when it is in his hands should be the same to guarantee consistency and the technique should be the same every time he approaches to kick. He should also try to increase his stamina by doing training to help him with his stamina so he doesn’t tire so quickly.

Description of Practice / situation to aid performance To improve the accuracy of his kicking, Joe should practise aiming at targets set out before. To increase his confidence of his kicking he should start at very short distances . He could do this with a partner standing first of all 10m away gradually increasing to 40-50m. Once this has been done to a sufficient level of accuracy he should start to try more demanding angles from on the pitch to touch for example working across the pitch to gain greater accuracy in all areas of the pitch.

When again this has been done to a sufficient level he should then try to kick from facing the goalposts from a side angle and try to hit the post upright. When doing these practises Joe should try and be as accurate as possible, if he sustains the correct technique and the correct body position and balance the timing will be automatic the accuracy will come with this. If he keeps control of the ball and his strength and not try to kick it to hard to direction of the ball should be such of what he had in mind.

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