Contribute to the Child and Young Person Development Essay

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Contribute to the Child and Young Person Development

An explanation of how to give adult support to the children for each of these transitions. If the child has had a death in the family. For instance, a child that they miss their parents or families and they want to be with parents and don’t like to stay at the nursery, firstly they need to be reassured, hugged and soothed, so they can feel that you are there to help them to listen to them, I can talk to them and encourage him or her to do some activities that can help the child to forget the parents for a certain hile, I can encourage him or her to play with other children, tell them a story, or bring them in a home corner to have a quiet time or 1 to 1 talking so they can express their feelings and afterwards they’ll might feel like getting involved with other children when they feel more comfortable and they can make friends and make their bereavement fade with time. They will also need therapy so they can talk through this difficulty or psychologists to help the child. Going to nursery.

Going to nursery for the first time is not easy, the child might be worried because they don’t have friend there, they don’t know anyone and they don’t know what do, most of the children, will be shy, and so on. As a nursery practitioner I need to know how to deal with children at the first time in the nursery and I need to think of what best I can do to help them settle in, to make the children development progress. It would be good to meet the parents and child before starting nursery, to see the child daily environment by a home visit.

Some children find it difficult to separate from mummy when starting the nursery and might cry, I can seat him or she on my lap reassuring the child, talk to him or her 1 to 1 let the child know that mummy will come back later after lunch, at this time children need to be hug and soothe so they know I am there to help them, take care of them, give them love, I can introduce the other children to him or her, the child might get interested in what other children are doing so I can encourage and help the child to join in.

Some might take a while to settle in and might cry they might have a special toy that they use for comfort and bring it with them. All the staff of the nursery will need to work hard to encourage the child to take part in activities, to make him or her feel welcome. I could talk to parents to know more the child’s like and dislikes and use the knowledge to make an interesting activity for the child. Also allow them visits beforehand to the nursery and so they became familiar with the staff. Moving home/ country.

Families who moved from one place to another, it’s quite hard for the child to adjust to a new environment, education and people. But I can do a various activities to help assist the child to deal with their emotional feelings while transition takes place. If a child is new, I can encourage the child to talk about where they used to be, I could look at a map with other children and show where he is from and how far he come from, maybe we could encourage the child to draw a picture of the new nursery to send it to ask his parents to send it to their friend in that country or even family e. . grandmother. Allow the child time to settle in. I can spend time with the child doing 1:1 activities so that they can get to know me. Admitted to hospital. When a child has a long term medical condition and needs to be admitted to hospital very often, it gets hard on the child when coming back to school as they have missed much, I can keep in contact with the parents to know the child progress, I could arrange to bring the child homework so he or she can keep up with the rest of the children, I could arrange to visit him or her with some student at a time to encourage him or her.

If it was a child from a nursery I could prepare some activities to take to the hospital for the child to make him or her fell included, encourage the children in the nursery to do a get well card, once the child was back at the nursery I could arrange a game of dressing up of doctors.

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