Contrasting Analysis Between Dr. Faustus and Maggie

Dr. Faustus is the man who given himself his soul to devil for gaining all power and control on world. He did not concern for other he just wanted control and that control or power he used for bad and good. But for him it did not matter. Faustus was very possessive even he gained all knowledge in many fields like Geology, chemistry, biology and many more. But he wanted to be mighty god. So, he done his contract with the Satan Lucifer.

When we look on his ambition he as very ambitious man. Determination for him is on the peak, because he selling his soul just for his ambitious is admire able and very quality work. His contract with devil that to live in hell with, he sometimes tells himself that Hell not a bad place to live by such sentences he gives support to himself.

When he gained his desire so he became greedy because he playing witch tricks and doing bad acts as entertain himself, so, this greed about his pleasure.

At the end he became tragic hero because what at he was doing that against the law of God. His sense of vision worked at the last hour when he thinking that he will being swallowed by looming of Hell. He was very confused character at the mend of his time because he had not used his power for good just wasted his knowledge through this greed which stuck in his mind.

As Contrasting with Maggie Tulliver

Maggie is very emotional and psychological character.

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She is also very sensitive girl throughout family. Maggie always concern for other people that thing breaks Maggie feelings and emotions. Maggie dream to avoid hurting someone is cruel way. We can look on many incidents of Maggie sensitivity.

When Maggie playing with her cousin Lucy, Tom always show abhorred feelings for his sister because he thinks that girls are, when tom saw this that his sister playing with Lucy. he insulted her and said to go anywhere but not with them. Maggie is very emotional and sensitive girl, she goes to her room and begin to crying and beating her doll. That is the beauty of nature how she controls her feelings n not show her angry feeling to others just beating her doll. Crying made the habit of Maggie due to her family behavior towards him. And everyone shows him that she is not important specifically her brother Tom.

But she is not an ambitionless girl. she is very passionate towards her personality toward to pick lessons and understand every situation easily. Her feelings are appreciated. Her abilities are also appreciated. She is very intelligent girl. That why she can trap any situation. Society did not suits herself as her emotions and requirement not to being completed by society. Most characters around her did not understand her. Because Maggie psychology is different from others. But one character who is Philip can only understand Maggie. Some of the incidents here to prove it.

When she goes to Tom school to far in city, but Philip also studies there in school. She meets Philip there in school. In the very first meeting, both of them close to each other because of same thinking and attitude to some extent. In the very end only Philips is with Maggie in every trouble because her family see very trouble difficulties they both are intelligent and have supervision for every situation and their vision of analysis is very great. It was all because she rejected in every direction by her family member in her childhood, sometimes she thinks to run away from her family and that the society.

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