Contrast: Primary School Essay

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Contrast: Primary School

My primary school was in a small village, just half a kilometer away from my house. I had left my village to study in Ho Chi Minh City for a long time. Last summer, I came back to the village to visit my primary school. It considerably changed. I realized that there are differences and similarities between my primary school in the past and now. I still remembered my first day at school. My father led me to school. In front of me, two green pines rows were very luxuriant.

Especially, I was impressed by large and beautiful school’s gate. It was painted in blue and the large of words “Vo Thi Sau primary school” in white set off the signs plate of school. Moreover, it was decorated with colorful flags. My school was small, simple and lack of basic facilities. It became difficult to accommodate all students in the ten classrooms. In addition, all of classrooms were made by wood that wasn’t safety. Besides, the narrow space of school was not enough for eating or reading books. For example, because of not having canteen I must eat snack or even junk food at the store around the sidewalks.

Furthermore, quality of drinking water and toilets facilities were not adapt to student’s health. My school yard was an open area next to my school building for playing and outdoor activities. It was narrow because on its surface was a lot of the weeds, and bushes. It was not covered by cements, but there were sand and little rocks. Although it was not large space, children can play together, interact and communicate. I had not visited my primary school for more than 14 years. Now I walk along the street leads to that school, and I am still impressed by school’s gate. There is no considerably change on school gate.

It was made by stone, and it is still exactly the same as the past. Moreover, school’s gate still includes white inscription “Vo Thi Sau primary school” on the blue background. In addition, there are two lines of pine beside two sides of the school’s gate. It is as green as grass and so fresh. After that, I walk into the school and I realize that my school significantly changed. As I remember, my primary school was small and simple. Today, it is a new and modern building with unique design. For instance, there are forty classrooms and two labs. Furthermore, it also has a library

and a canteen. Those classrooms are equipped with iron boards, projectors and ceiling fans. Besides, desks and chairs are repainted, so I can’t recognize my old classroom anymore. Additionally, library and lab has more useful books and equipment that serve student’s needs. On the other hand, one thing changed that attracts me is school yard. Instead of stone and gravel, it is covered with concrete. Thanks to that, it looks more beautiful and luxury. In the campus, many plants and flowers are planted. Because of that, the school looks clean, green and the atmosphere is fresher.

Around the school yard, it is arranged with a lot of benches. Those benches are useful for students in the break time. In conclusion, for a long time I had left, my primary school has a more changed. If in the past my primary school was old, lack of facilities, small buildings, now it is a modern and spacious school. Although my primary school changed so much, it is always in my mind where I learned everything when I was a little child.

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