Continuum of Care Options Matrix Essay

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Continuum of Care Options Matrix

Example: This is a facility that allows clients to live in a residential setting while having personal care services and assistance, usually at all hours. Clients will generally need assistance with such functions as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, ambulation, or help with medications. Clients living here are unable to function without this assistance. This is a facility that is equipped to care for persons unable to take of themselves, due to age or chronically illness A nursing home will have trained staff on site that will be able to assist the residents with date to date living skills.

A Nursing home can be either privately owned or stated owned. Supportive housing programs are design to “develop housing services that will allow homeless person to live as independently as possible” (2013) Supportive housing programs main goal is to assist the homeless in achieving permanent residency, and increase one income. The programs is required to monitor the progress of the client and theses reports are repost to the department of housing yearly.

Home care is a service which allows the elderly or disable person to remain in one home; while receiving little assistance for a medical staff. The home care worker would run errands for the clients or assistance with light housekeeping. The home care worker might even assistance with bath and dressing certain parts of the clients. Assistance living allow a resident to live a nursing home like setting that offers assistance with care and meals. Assistance living also assists the client with bathing and dressing.

Assistance living facilities is for elderly and disables people that needs little to no assistance. Continuing retirement communities is a service that allows the elderly to live amongst peers of the same age group without a nursing home / assistance living setting. CRS allow the elderly to live independently in their own rental unit while offer services one can obtain in nursing home or an assistance living facility. Level of Long-Term Care Service (include differences)

Example: Assisted living facilities are in the housing level of service. This level of service is more independent than many others, though clients need some type of assistance. A nursing home can be either long or short term depending on the reason one is there. The difference between supportive housing program and long term care services are; supportive housing assistance those that are able to care for oneself where long term care is for those that needs assistance with daily adl’s.

Home care is more independent than a long term services, because one is still able to be in the home with little assistance from an outside source. Assistance living is more independent than a long term facility. One is no longer able to live at home. Mostly likely one require a little more assistance that can offer through home care but not enough where to one needs to be placed in a nursing home. CRS is more independent that a long term cares facility because one is still able to live on their own with no assistance.

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