Context of human services Essay

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Context of human services

Social changes in diverse societies are brought about by several factors such as maintaining order and responsibility within and outside the society. In this case, human services such as attending offering medical attendance, and avoidance of social evils such as corruption, are portrayed as major opportunities for the social changes. Many people see mental anomaly as curable. In real case, one cannot be completely cured from it, but the most promising fact is that it can be recovered and maintained.

People in the society are more often encouraged to live with mentally challenged as they support them from day to day. They should be friendly to them since it is not the wish of the victims to be what they are. Family environment has been considered the best in provision of care to the victims of mental illness. Presently, many people prefer discharging their patience from hospitals as soon as possible since the expenses increases from day to day. Insurance reimbursements by both private and governmental sectors usually provide a cover of not more than sixty days to the patients.

These days are adequate enough to recover the mental patients. Several organizations have come up to attend the patience and also provide moral support to them. For example, The Office of Protective Commission and the Public Guardian has been established to help the mentally challenged individuals cope with the environment they are in. such organizations have maintained social order as evidenced from their efforts to protect the ill from being taken advantage of (Hasenfeld, 2009) Members of the society should be encouraged and given knowledge about the mental disorder.

In so doing, they will be actively encouraged to handle the victims with proper care, love, respect and most of all with dignity since the victims are also human beings thus they deserve tender care. Mental illness has got no specific cause. However, causes has been identified as either due to hereditary factors (it exists in the family linage), caused by organic diseases and even sometimes by environmental situations such as one being subjected to adverse stress. This disorder has got no borders and any person can be a victim, indiscriminate of his religion, gender or race and even age (Hopkins & Austin, 2004)

Health systems in some parts of the world are a times selective in provision of services to its customers. Not everyone stands equal rights in services offered. Depending on your pocket or rather financial strength one is likely to get better services than the poor. Patience that may require argent medical attention is kept on waiting bays for long. This is as a result of the financially stable personnel not observing the rule of first come first served basis. Such issues have been of much negativity to the society since others have lost their loved ones at the bays and the emergency rooms.

Also, the limited number of qualified persons may be a contributing factor. In some circumstances, the patient attendants may be reluctant in provision of services. Evil thoughts that propel them towards this could be such as assuming that patients could have gone to private organizations with relatively shorter queues than theirs, for fast delivery of services. It is much disgusting to realise existence of inequality in any society. This is whereby when one is rich, he/she gets richer and richer, and in most instances at the expense of others (Pease & Camilleri , 2001).

Strengthening the civil society can be a way of addressing social issues such as social injustices, discrimination, violence and even poverty. A strong society can enhance better governance, tolerance and can also maintain peace within its borders. People who are socially responsible have got no time to engage in activities that will in one way or another haunt others, for example negligently polluting the environment, discriminating against others and even engaging in violence. Currently, reforms have been put in place with an aim of strengthening communities.

Public are encouraged to participate in policy making. Several governments have taken initiatives of letting its citizens participate in decision making thus enabling the nation to thrive well in terms of political, economical and social development (Patti ,2008). Social evils such as corruptions are a major issue towards the existence of social injustices. Corruption has been a reason behind increase in the levels of poverty in the societies and also retarded growth in the economy. Corruption is as a result of poor governance.

Those in the government can carelessly use the funds at the expense of the public thus being a leeway to social irresponsibility. It is clear therefore that this evil in the society should be emphasized on and properly dealt with so as to bring social order and also desirable changes for the development in the society (Laurence & Heinrich, 2000). In summary, it is clear that opportunities of success in terms of social changes can be as a result of human participation in service provision. Social order is enhanced through provision of better services in diverse sectors and also through good governance.

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